Top 5 Yoga Retreats In India

yoga retreats in India

Do you feel like life is stressing you out, all the things are getting messed up and you cannot control that at all? If yes, then it is high time for an actual break from all the work load and daily chaos and rejuvenate yourself in the best way possible and what better ways to get acquainted with the nature than to join Yoga retreats in India.

Yoga is the best way to rejuvenate that energy inside you that will help you overcome that stress on your shoulders.

Located in Nature’s lap, a yoga retreat is a serene place to replenish your soul. Yoga retreats allow people to slow down and soak in life and activity. The retreats usually have a schedule of events, classes and nutritious meals planned out for its visitors to help them detox and feel alive and fresh again.

Here is the list of some famous Yoga retreats in India that will help you reduce that stress out from your life:-

  1. 37197_156540374384623_6481258_n Top 5 Yoga Retreats In India

    This retreat is one of the best yoga retreats in India that will get you acquainted with nature itself. It is located on South of Goa and takes up a whole 2 acres of coconut grove. The asharam have several huts made of rice straw and bamboo. Just imagine relaxing and meditating midst the sea waves and the chirping birds. It is bound to take all that stress away and replenish you from the mind. The retreat offers you a restaurant that serves the food for your soul that includes all the organic and fresh stock from the markets. The inside yoga masters will teach you the art to master meditation and peace of mind. 

    Address: Bhakti Kutir in Palolem, 296, Colomb, Palolem, Canacona, Goa – 403702

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    Shreyas Retreat in India stand among one of the finest and epic yoga retreats in India as well as all over the World. It is situated on 25 acres of land and has several activities to rejuvenate your soul. It will offer you a stay in the asharam type abode with the asharam type yoga practices with a royal and 5 star level of comfort and amenities. The retreat has amazing yoga philosophy classes that are must to attend besides the obvious organic food restaurants, the yoga sessions, personal trainers and the aromatic spas. 

    Address: Santoshima Farm, Gollahalli Gate, Nelamangala, Bangalore -562123

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    The God’s own country, Kerala is one of the finest places in India and Munnar, the amazing hill station in Kerala is famous for Kaivalyam Retreat that specifically deals with those soul replenishing yoga sessions. Just imagine meditating midst of the lush green tea plantations with the sun shining brightly over those paddy fields and chirping birds making their way in your mind. The retreat has some over the top state of art facilities and that 11 acres land itself provides those organic veggies for the restaurant food they serve you. 

    Address: Kaivalyam Retreat, Moolakada, Pallivasal, Munnar, Kerala – 685612

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    Located at the foothills of Velliangiri Mountain, the Isha yoga retreat is one of the most famous Yoga retreats in India that attracts visitors from all over the World. The retreat is famous for having a pillarless dome “Dhyanalinga” which is a place where people visit to meditate and rejuvenate themselves. The centre has a Isha Home School and an organic farm to grow vegetables that are healthy for your wellbeing and peace of mind. You can actually join a course to find that spiritual connection to your soul here in Isha Retreat. 

    Address: Isha Yoga Center, Velliangiri Foothills, Ishana Vihar Post, Coimbatore – 641 114

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    Ganga Kinare is the most popular Yoga retreat in India located in Rishikesh, the yoga capital of the world. The hotel is located at the banks of river Ganga and offers some soul replenishing activities throughout the year like spas, river rafting, yoga, massages, jungle safari, bird watching, biking and many more. The rajaji National Park that is located across the hotel gives a picturistic view of the flora and fauna. Just imagine meditating and yoga on the foothills of the Ganga river and strolling through the lush green gardens and the Ganga Aarti.  

    Address: Ganga Kinare, 237, Virbhadra Road Rishikesh, Uttarakhand – 249201

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Top 5 Yoga Retreats In India

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