Top 10 Modelling Agencies In India Known For Identifying or Grooming Talent

modelling agencies in India


With the “non stop” progress in the fashion industry, modelling is the most sort out profession out there. Imagine living like Sarah Jessica Parker with every single designer at your beck and call and all the luxuries you can ever imagine. It sure is a dream come true but being a supermodel is not something that comes easy for everyone. You have to have that “IT” factor to have every runway at your feet. It requires lots and lots of efforts and hard work on your part. There are many amazing modelling agencies in India that are known to identify or groom that raw talent of your to make you a supermodel one can never forget.

If you think Naomi Watts, Kendall Jenner, Cara Delevingne, Cindy Crawford had that supermodel title served on a silver platter then you are in the wrong here. All these supermodels were once on the same page as you- wishing to get recognized. It was their mere hard work and patience that an amazing agency recognised their talent and offered them a platform to showcase their skills and from there onwards they have ruled the modelling industry. Similarly, there are many modelling agencies in India that can make your dream come true, all you need is a way to guide you, that’s it.

Getting recognised by a modelling agency is the first step that can lead you towards your ultimate dream- Being a successful super model and for your utmost convenience we have sorted out some top most modelling agencies in India that are exceptionally known for identifying and grooming talent.

Top 10 Modelling Agencies In India Known For Identifying or Grooming Talent:

  1. INEGA Models is one of the most successful modelling agencies in India that has been in power since 1990. They are involved in the production of fashion shows all over India and abroad. During that period the company also produced a musical, a feature film and was the Indian agent to some of the most reputed international performance troupes. It has established itself as one of the largest company in managing business and modelling. The roster of persons represented by Inega, include, actors, stylist, hair and makeup artist, director of photography, local and international models.

  2. It is one of the International Modelling agencies in India that has been in existence since 2010 and has been successful in getting a popular name in the industry. The agency is located in Mumbai and deals in  print electronic media, films, serials, fashion shows and events. They also promote exclusive international and national models in India. It is a dedicated agency that has helped the market with models from all the genres and have been quiet successful in their talent search. 

  3. Urban Model Management is India’s premier talent agency that has been in the market since 2013 and has been known to have given the fashion industry some epic talent. Urban Model Management provides exclusive and excellent Foreign and Indian models, Hair and Makeup artist, Stylist to Photographers, Advertisers, Designers , Film, TV and Ad production companies in India. They deal with modelling fields for commercials, runway, films,campaigns and fashion weeks. They will get that “It” factor out of every single male or female aspirant and give them a platform to showcase their skills.

  4. It is one of the most famous modelling agencies in India that has been running in the market since 2008. The agency deals with model promotions, casting and portfolio shoots. They have been famous in the market to find that hidden talent among hoards of professional and to populate and expose the world to it. They offer services in featured films, runways, promotion, photography, video, model boot camp and many more.

  5. Crizaze Modelling Agency is one of the most prominent advertising and modelling agencies in India that has been in the power since 2010. Crizaze has earned its prestigious standing as an industry leader by providing full-spectrum model management for women, men, and children models, as well as other industry professionals such as photographer, makeup & hair stylist, and fashion stylist.

  6. Runway Agency was started back in 2013 and has been on the roll ever since. They specialize in models, talents, production and events. Their model division can provide models for print, runway, fashion, television, film, convention / tradeshow, promotions and special events as well as showgirls, showgirl costumes, booth models, swimsuit models, greeters, hosts & hostesses.

  7. They are one of the most famous freelance professional modelling agencies in India based in Mumbai. They provide services for modelling in TV commercials, featured films, runway and photo shoots. They deal with both male and female international and national talent out there. They have an easy process of online casting and will sort out your talent factor with the team of expert professionals. 

  8. “Star Models” is a distinguished branding company whose primary focus is bringing together the elements of Fashion, Film, Music & Celebrity. They have been providing epic services to the fashion industry since 2011. In house production, concept shoots, product shoots, complete advertising projects – Star Models provides whole solution from concept / story to models to locations, studios, makeup artists, stylists, photographers etc. 

  9. Auraa Models Agency have been in the market since 2008 and has set a record for creating some over the top models for the industry. They specialize in providing models for TV commercials, runways, photoshoots, bollywood etc.  They deal with promoting diversity in every trend around the World. They have specific schemes for enrolling both male and female candidates and make them stand out among the crowd. 

  10. Nudeye Productions is one of the most prominent modelling agencies in India that has been providing services since 2010. They are associated with Fashion Designers, Fashion Photographers, Advertising Houses. They provide the industry with some best talent out there for Photo Shoots, Fashion Campaigns, Ramp Shows,  Events & Promotions Films. They have been famous for creating some epic fashion gems in advertising and fashion industry. 

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Top 10 Modelling Agencies In India Known For Identifying or Grooming Talent

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