Top 10 Immigration Consultant In India [2020 List]

Immigration Consultant

Here’s the list of some top immigration consultants in India that can make your immigration process a breeze with a successful outcome. These enable a hassle-free migration process that not only helps the aspirants leave the country on a happy note but also get what they want overseas. With their best services, they make sure that a person experiences no troubles while migrating to the alien country.

This is a well known fact that development and employment goes hand in hand. The developed countries have exceptionally good employment opportunities, thus leading to the growth of the immigration sector. The immigration industry has taken a major leap in these past years. Every individual either wishes to study in a developed country or get a job there. The increasing demand of becoming more diverse in the education or employment field has led to the growth of consultancies and agencies.  Every single city has opened numerous consultancies that can fulfill your dream of immigrating for better growth. However, there are also some cases of consultancy firms cheating the applicants in terms of money and documents, in turn ruining their dreams. Thus selecting the best among the rest becomes a hassle.





  1. Kansas-Overseas Top 10 Immigration Consultant In India [2020 List]

    Kansas overseas careers are educati, migration and evaluation consultancy located in Hyderabad, Vizag, Chennai and Bangalore. Their counseling services are free of cost to all the aspirants. Personalized services from dedicated counselors makes them one of the best among immigration companies. They are the immigration consultant with sharp eye-for-detail providing competitive services at select-pay-get pricing model. They offer migration services for countries like Australia, Hong Kong, Canada and Denmark. 

  2. Kansas-Overseas Top 10 Immigration Consultant In India [2020 List]

    Davies and Associates are the immigration attorneys located in Bangalore, Mumbai and new Delhi in India. They specializes in providing US visa to their clients all over the World. This business law firm assists Indian clients with their U.S immigration needs through customized services developed post deep understanding of client’s requirements. They deal with family visas, cross border solutions, business visas, citizenship and naturalization.

  3. Kansas-Overseas Top 10 Immigration Consultant In India [2020 List]

    They are the visa and immigration consultants located in Hyderabad, Chandigarh, Mumbai and USA.  They are known for convenient and complete migration solution for residence visa processing, business migration, student visa, Investor visa. They deal with Immigration and Allied requirements for Australia, America, Canada, UK, Denmark, Hong kong, Singapore and are processing inclusion of other destinations in due course of time. They also offers hr, recruitment and relocation services.

  4. Kansas-Overseas Top 10 Immigration Consultant In India [2020 List]

    Matrix Immigration & Visa Services (TM) is a company that associates with various institutions / colleges / universities from USA, Australia, UK and New Zealand, Canada and other Countries. They have trained counselors who are experienced and have expertise to assist in university selection, visa processes. They deal with Student Visa, Career Opportunities, Visitor Visa and Business Opportunities. They are located in Ahmedabad.

  5. Kansas-Overseas Top 10 Immigration Consultant In India [2020 List]

    XIPHIAS Immigration services are located in Bangalore with other branches all over the World. They provide world class business immigration services in US, Australia, HK, UK, Canada, New Zealand, Latvia. Express Entry, Skilled Worker, Self-employed, Business, Investor, Family Class, Student and State Sponsorships are some categories of visas they deal with. Their file handling capabilities are exceptional and is taken cared by trained professionals and attorneys. 

  6. Kansas-Overseas Top 10 Immigration Consultant In India [2020 List]

    CROYEZ immigration services private limited is one of the fastest growing immigration company in india, having its head office at Chennai, Tamilnadu. They evaluate client profile with legal advisers before filing the application. They offer assistance to corporate and individuals in the field of immigration to various markets including Australia, Canada, New Zealand, Hong kong,Ecuador and Germany. 

  7. Kansas-Overseas Top 10 Immigration Consultant In India [2020 List]

    Taurus Infotel is an immigration, visa consultancy located in Pune, Maharashtra. They provide immigration services for countries like Canada and Australia. Taurus has its own IELTS training institute with highly qualified coaches. They also deal with Denmark and UK migration processes. Job placement, accommodation and other relevant services for Canada and Australia migration are their main forte.

  8. Kansas-Overseas Top 10 Immigration Consultant In India [2020 List]

    Phoenix Global Resettlement Services are located in Hyderabad, kolkata, Bangalore and Chennai. Phoenix Global Resettlement Services’ team is comprised of immigration law experts, case filing and processing experts, professional skills assessors and evaluators, profile builders, career consultants, job market researchers, settlements counsellors, orientation guides ,and HR professionals etc.they provide consultancies and immigration services for study and employment in Canada, UK and Australia.

  9. Kansas-Overseas Top 10 Immigration Consultant In India [2020 List]

    Allied VISA Services a part of the Allied Enterprise Group are professional Consultants/Agents in Mumbai, Baroda and Ahmadabad providing Consulting services on How to Apply for a USA Visa. They provide personalized Training Sessions, which have proved extremely effective in professional presenting the case to the US Visa Counselor. They deal with Tourist Visa, Business Visa, Work in USA, Students Visa Interview, or Immigration to USA. They offer special training for US Tourism Visa Interview,  US Business Visa Interview, Facilitation for work visas (H1/L1) category for USA, Facilitation for US Green Card Process, Training of previously Rejected US Visa Applicants,Complete Consulting for Students from Admission to Visas for USA.

  10. Kansas-Overseas Top 10 Immigration Consultant In India [2020 List]

    Global Tree are the consultancies associated with training, education and immigration services. They have their offices in Bangalore, Chandigarh, New Delhi, Hyderabad, Mumbai, Vijayawada, Vizag, Guntur and Pune. They provide training in PTE, IELTS or TOEFL. Catering to students, working professionals, and companies, Global Tree is a one stop shop for overseas education and immigration consulting. Their services include education counseling, examination training, college application guidance, career counseling, visa processing and immigration advisement. 

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Top 10 Immigration Consultant In India [2020 List]

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