Top 10 Acting Auditions Tips

acting auditions tips

What makes a good actor? This is one of the most basic question asked by people that are aspiring to have their name known in the acting industry. According to Sanford Meisner acting is actually behaving truthfully under imaginary circumstances and we agree with this fact. A great actor must be so convincing in his role that his portrayal of the emotions looks so real and blew the audience’s mind away. This is the skill that makes you a great actor. For some of you, it comes naturally but for those who wish to learn, here are some acting auditions tips for your upcoming adventures that will come in handy.

With any part you play, there is a certain amount of YOURSELF in it. There has to be, other wise it’s not acting, IT’S LYING- Johnny Depp

Acting auditions tips to ace that role/scene:

  1. The first and foremost of all acting auditions tips is the preparation. A little preparation always pays off. It doesn’t matter if you have a casting agent, a manager or anyone, you are the one that is there for the audition, so you should always have that portfolio of yours depicting all your recent photographs and your work. A face to face portfolio discussion is the ultimate deal maker. If you don’t have it at the time of audition, you my dear, will be forgotten in some way or another. 

  2. Pretending to have memorize the script you have been given is the worst way to make a good impression. It is a must follow acting auditions tips to get a grip on what is important to you and showcase it. There are all professionals there. They will rather have you rehearse the lines from the script at that time only rather than seeing you getting failed at trying to remember them and making up the stuff. 

  3. The auditioners do not ever want to hear your sob story about why you are late, why you do not look presentable or why haven’t you prepared beforehand. Just don’t make excuses that you were sick or something has happened. Just give your best you can and hope for the best. 

  4. Most of the auditioners want to see how clear you are in your life dreams. They want to know what you exactly want. What is the best genre for you? If they give you a choice in making a sequence, just chose the one that you are confident enough to perform and have a reason ready on why you chose that particular one. They want to know how strong are you as a character. It is one of the most considerable acting auditions tips. 

  5. One of the most prominent acting auditions tips we can grant you is -Do not ever ignore the fact that first impression matters. They actually mean a lot in lots of ways. People are judgy and you are actually auditioning in front of them, so they are bound to judge you from the very first moment. So it is advisable to be very presentable according to the role you are auditioning for. Wear appropriate clothes and shoes and most importantly look professional and confident. 

  6. Charismatic, confident and comfortable are the 3 C’s for the acting auditions tips you should never forget. Just give you sheer best in the audition. Even if you do not have any idea what you are doing, do not give them an impression that you have messed up. Just act confident the whole time. People actually look for that. Be comfortable in the role or scene you are asked to portray. Just charm them with your charisma. 

  7. The auditioners often become tired and grumpy at the end of the auditions. They just want to go home, so never agree for that time for the audition. You will not be taken seriously and most importantly you can become the prey to their utter irritation. 

  8. Always give the e-mail address or phone number of your casting agent or even yours only at the end of the resume so that they have a way to reach you any time of the day. Just try not to look all snobby and make an actual effort in getting recognised. It is one of the must follow acting auditions tips you need to grab onto.

  9. If you have messed up a part or a scene at the time of the audition, do not ask them for another chance to start over. It defines that you are bound to make silly mistakes and are not capable of taking charge. Just make your way through the mess only and be presentable with the ending. They want to know how you can handle situations like that. 

  10. The key to ace any audition lies in your hands only and the more auditions you give, the more you understand the facts that are being required to get that one shot perfect. It’s just like free practice. And let me tell you the fact, with constant trying and trying, you will succeed at the end.  

    Follow these acting auditions tips to get a grab onto the chance of your life time and be the one face no auditioner can ever forget.

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Top 10 Acting Auditions Tips

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