Top 10 Student Hostels in London For Indians

student hostels in London

London is the most enchanting country for studying abroad and one of the most preferred one by the students. Be its over the top fine studies, over the top Englishmen or even its amazing landscapes, London never ceases to amaze you. There are unlimited institutes providing top class education to students along with student hostels in London offering cheaper and worthy accommodation. It is a highly developed nation that exerts considerable international economic, political, scientific and cultural influence.

There are many opportunities for students who wish to study as well as make some bucks for themselves in London. Moreover, for any traveller with a budget, London offers some top class Student hostels for a relaxing and pleasant accommodation that too under a budget.

Below is the list of student hostels in London for every backpacker or traveller out there looking for a worthy place to stay.

Some of the must visit student hostels in London:

1. Palmer’s Lodge

dorm-room-1024x661 Top 10 Student Hostels in London For IndiansPalmer’s Lodge is one of the famous boutique student hostels in London. Previously serving as a home to Samuel Palmer of Huntley and Palmers biscuits fame, Palmer’s Lodge is now a graceful Victorian Grade II-listed building. The hostel offers single and couple dorm rooms and private rooms for your utmost comfort. The modern and classic furniture based on some ethical antique architecture makes the place unique in its own way. It also offers a restaurant and bar in the chapel.

2. Clink 78

dorm-room-1024x661 Top 10 Student Hostels in London For IndiansThe 200 year old former courthouse, Clink 78 is the hostel in London where the most popular TV series, The Clash had a trial. The hostel has another courtroom famous as the one where Charles Dicken had the idea for the Oliver Twist. The dorm room sare fitted with highly tech pod beds or can get a private room. It also offers a stay in one of the seven police cells to give you a full understanding of its history. It has an over the top kitchen with a amazing cocktail bar, a travel shop and offers a free London tour. What else does your heart desires?

3. YHA Oxford Street

dorm-room-1024x661 Top 10 Student Hostels in London For IndiansThe YHA Inner city student hostels in London are perfect for a backpacker who is on a budget. They have finally let go of their image of the hostels that only had hippies partying and drinking. Now they are established for an overall amazing experience. For every backpacker out there, the hostel offers dorm rooms at reasonable prices and the contemporary look of the hostel gives a rather posh feeling. It has all the modern amenities such as a kitchen, restaurant and a bar with cafe and a separate laundrette. You can choose from either of one, two or three bedrooms or even a full dorm for yourself.

4. YHA Holland Parkdorm-room-1024x661 Top 10 Student Hostels in London For IndiansA part of the YHA Holland Park hostel was built in 1607 as a Jacobean mansion. It offers a completely different vibe from the one in Oxford street with its over the top private garden that opens from the cafe and a total of 200 small dorm rooms. An all ornamental pond in the garden is a sight to behold. The hostel is build overlooking the Holland Pak which gives a perfect view in the morning. The house library is free for the travellers to engage themselves in the World of books.

5. Blue Skies Hostel

dorm-room-1024x661 Top 10 Student Hostels in London For IndiansIt is one of the student hostels in London that has been opened by a pub. The Railway Tavern, located outside Tulse Hill station claims to possess the largest pub garden in London. This is the pub that has been known for offering accommodation too with its Blue Skies hostel. It has some mixed dorms,female only dorms or private rooms for a couple traveller. The pub at the ground floor will offer you some amazing live music nights and for those backpackers with a budget, pizzas are on 50% discount on tuesdays and mondays.

6. St. Christopher Inn

dorm-room-1024x661 Top 10 Student Hostels in London For IndiansHome to the most famous Belushi’s Bar, it is one of the student hostels in London that is not for the faint hearted. If you are looking for some peace and quiet and a nice cocoa, this is not the place. The bar is known to have thrown some over the top crazy parties with amazing live bands and thumping music to get your groove on. Ozzie beer, homemade burgers, televised sports and retro rock ‘n’ roll sounds provide the buzz, and even the hostel’s chill-out room has a 24-hour bar.

7. Generator Russell Square

dorm-room-1024x661 Top 10 Student Hostels in London For IndiansThe largest and funkiest of all the student hostels in London, Generator Russell Square will offer you a time of your life. It offers 800 beds with dorm room smad private rooms and even female only rooms for solo travellers. They will offer you a free continental breakfast and a free London tour. It has a bar (to 2am), an internet café, chill-out room, games room and laundry facilities.

8. Meininger Hyde Park

dorm-room-1024x661 Top 10 Student Hostels in London For IndiansIt is a self-styled “hotel and hostel” that is the first with a German heritage. The hostel or the hotel is styled in a way to give a posh vibe with its clean surroundings and the over all red colour. It is located in the historic Baden Powell House and offers a 15% discount to the scouts. You can book a single, double or shared dorm but all of them have separate washrooms and shower which is a plus. It has its own bar that serves some delicious food like sandwiches, muffins or cookies.

9. Astor Museum Inn

dorm-room-1024x661 Top 10 Student Hostels in London For IndiansIt is one of the student hostels in London that offer you an old city mansion vibe with its architecture and amenities. The place reains so undisturbed with the passing time that we actually feel like living in the 10th century colonial houses. You are offered 12 beds with teh dorms and kitchen and internet facilities. The hostel have no curfew, you can come and go anytime suitable. The only limitation is that it only allows guests of age 18 to 35, not less and not more.

10. The Lodge at Crystal Palace


Crystal palace National Sports Centre was built in 1964 on a 200 acres of park land and has a hostel accommodation called The Lodge within. It is 10 storey high and offers an amazing view of the park. The accommodation is so cheap that you can adjust three in your budget. The largest room allows only 3 people at once and you can actually experience a run on the same track Usain Bolt had motored down. It also offers a gymnasium and other sports activities. s dinosaur trail and maze.

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Top 10 Student Hostels in London For Indians

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