8 Reasons to Buy Hero Duet Scooter

Hero Duet Scooter

There is a thing called “superiority” or even “evolution” which is more than enough to get the crowd go crazy. Whatever the market has instore for you, people will always look for something better, more appealing, something that sets that thing apart from the crowd and this is what exactly the Hero Duet Scooter has in its charts. The features and design so strong and powerful that are bound to take the market in the winds. It is one of the first few products from Hero MotoCorp to be developed independently by the firm after it cut ties with long time Japanese partner Honda.

With a long list of new features and design, the Hero Duet is all set to take the top most position in the 110 cc scooter segment. The scooter is available in India in 5 stunning shades – Candy Blazing Red, Pearl Silver White, Grace Grey, Panther Black and Matte Vernier Grey. It is offered in two variants- Hero Duet LX and Hero Duet VX priced at INR 51,403 and INR 53,116 (ex showroom Delhi) respectively. The Duet is powered by 110.9 cc, Air cooled, 4 – stroke single cylinder OHC engine that generates a maximum power of 8 BHP @ 7500 RPM and an utmost torque of 8.7 Nm @ 5500.

Here are some of the unavoidable reasons to make Hero Duet Scooter your next investment:

1. AHO(Automatic Headlight On)

The new Hero Duet comes with all the advanced features to get that excitement running including the AHO feature which is now mandatory in every new scooter segment. This is a safety measure initiated by the ministry and is followed in many international countries. The idea behind this is that keeping headlights on throughout the day, even when the sun is nice and bright, makes spotting two-wheelers easier on the road.

2. Full Metal Body

The Hero Duet is offered in a full metal body with an overall subtle design that is suitable for crowd of every age and gender. The Hero Duet compete in the market with Honda Activa, TVS Jupiter, Mahindra Gusto, Suzuki Access 125 making it stand over the top with a full metal frame. Besides looking rather more appealing, the full metal body adds on a few to the weight making it much more stable to handle on the go.

3. External Fuel Filling

The external fuel filler in the Hero Duet is one of the reasons to set it apart from all the competitors. It saves the pillion rider from the unnecessary headache of getting up every time for fuel filling. These are some very little things in terms of comfort that actually makes it a big advantage and what else besides the utmost comfort you need in a scooter?

4. Telescopic Front Suspension

The Hero Duet is second in the segment of Hero Scooter series to get telescopic front suspension. While herds of customers might not pay heed to the subject, there are some that consider it much important. Having a telescopic suspension at the front offers you more stability as compared to traditional suspension systems. It further helps to reduce the effect of shocks and the level of vibrations for a more comfortable ride.

5. Integrated Braking

Hero Duet gets integrated braking which sets it apart from the all its competitors in the market. The advantage of having integrated braking system is that it as soon as you apply the rear brake, the integrated mechanism will automatically apply the front brake too making the ride much stable and avoid unnecessary accidents.

6. Mobile Charging port And Boot Light

There is anything that Hero has not included in the Duet to make its stand on the number one position in terms of style, comfort, mileage and features. One of the amazing feature it supports is a mobile charger in the boot which helps you to charge the mobile on the go which by the way is a much needed feature in every bike or scooter. It is best in terms of emergencies. The Hero Duet also supports a boot light to make you see the inside of the boot much better. No more lost home keys in the otherwise large boot. Right?

7. Service Reminder

One of the amazing feature the Hero Duet has is the service reminder in the instrument panel. It makes it easy for the rider to have an easy ride without worrying about when the battery is going to die or when to schedule for a service. The reminder is there to make you aware that it’s time to take care of that engine soon.

8. Tubeless Tyres

The Hero Duet is equipped with 90/100- 10-53J tubeless tyres on the front as well as the rear. Tubeless tyres makes it rather easy and much more stable to handle on bad road conditions. It helps to enhance the maneuverability of the scooter.


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8 Reasons to Buy Hero Duet Scooter

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