Top 10 Budget Hotels in Shimla with Good Service

Budget Hotels in Shimla with Good Service

Top 10 Budget Hotels in Shimla with Good Service: There’s a reason why Shimla is called the “Queen of Hills”. From its surreal beauty to the picturesque locations, this place never ceases to amaze us. The capital of Himachal Pradesh is one of the most “enchanted” places in the whole of Himachal that you can ever visit and make some ever memorable memories. To enjoy this remarkable city you need to stay somewhere that doesn’t break the bank whilst affording you maximum comfort. So we have curated this list of our favourite budget hotels in Shimla to stay at without spending a small fortune.

Here are Top 10 Budget Hotels in Shimla with Good Service:

1. Aapo Aap Home Stay
Located near Shimla’s famous mall road, this mountain retreat is in interaction with the beauty of nature with a taste of luxury. A great favourite amongst guests is the grand balcony, as it gives the visitor spectacular views of the surrounding countryside along with an opportunity to recline in peace after a day’s exploring.
The Home Stay gives visitors the opportunity to feel at home in its spacious rooms which are furnished with comfort and simplicity in mind.

2. Hotel Woodpark
Surrounded by the mountainside, the hotel has breathtaking views which remain till dawn or dusk, Hotel Woodpark is located just outside of Shimla and has everything you need to relax in the chilly mountain air.
The rooms here are cosy, but what they may lack in space they make up for in comfort. If you stay in a room with a mountain view you will agree that there few views better to wake up to. With great facilities including a restaurant serving Chinese, South Indian and Gujarati food, you will never be lacking at Hotel Woodpark.

3. Hotel Asia the Dawn
Located in the centre of Shimla, Hotel Asia the Dawn shows that budget hotels need not be tedious or dull looking. The hotel remains classy and boasts a large banquet hall and Honey Dew, their multi-cuisine restaurant. With lush mountain views outside almost every window; the location of this hotel will leave you grateful for the time you spent here. It is one of the best Top 10 Budget Hotels in Shimla with Good Service.
The rooms here are well presented and minimal; you will be too enchanted with the view to wish for any more! Not far from the hustle and bustle of Shimla’s centre, Hotel Asia Dawn’s castle-like appearance helps guests to fully relax within its walls.

4. Bridge View Regency
If you are looking for luxury on a budget then the Bridge View Regency is what you have been wishing for! This hill station hotel is situated at the centre of Shimla and provides the perfect base camp for your exploration of the city, Jakhu Temple is mere minutes away!
Rich wood-panelling and large windows make the rooms here feel extra special, these contemporary and spacious rooms have all your needs catered for. The staff can make your stay here even more memorable with experiences such as evening bonfires and candlelit dinners available.

5. Hotel Surya
With Mall Road, a 5-10 minute walk from the hotel and rooms facing the stunning valley below; Hotel Surya offers guests with a small budget much for their money. Boasting a contemporary design and modern features throughout, this hotel is pleasing in every aspect.
Each room is thoughtfully furnished and there is a quiet elegance throughout the hotel. Featuring special honeymoon suites and deluxe rooms, this hotel can cater to your desires, also available here is the restaurant which serves North Indian, Mughlai, Chinese, South Indian, Gujarati and Jain cuisines.

6. Hotel Springfields
Hotel Springfields is the hotel that gives surreal vintage vibes with a rich past in the history of Shimla. While you are a guest here you will never be under any illusion of the class of Hotel Springfields, from the classy décor to the untiringly helpful staff you really feel like a royal during your stay! Springfield’s subtle decor and amazing facilities make it one of the amazing Top 10 Budget Hotels in Shimla with Good Service.
The rooms are decorated with a subtle class that puts many other hotels to shame. The hotel is proud of its “old world charm” and after a stay here you will miss its effortless charm. With only 11 rooms available there is exclusivity to Hotel Springfields that make a visit here even more appealing.

7. Hotel CK International
Hotel CK International is one of the only hotels in Shimla that features a two-screened cinema and has more than 40 rooms. With amenities including a sauna, massages and a gym; this hotel has everything covered!
Most rooms here have a splendid view of the beautiful countryside and contain all the features you could need. Modern toilet facilities and a fashionable design across all rooms help to make this hotel an option for every visit you make to Shimla!

8. Hotel Hot Spring Therme & Spa
Although this hotel is about an hour away from Shimla’s city-centre, you will be hard-pressed to find a more relaxing environment in India. Situated mountainside and on the banks of a large river, the spectacular setting of this hotel more than makes up for its isolation. The area is renowned for its outdoor activities; from rafting to fishing your thirst for adventure will be quashed! It is one of the Top 10 Budget Hotels in Shimla with Good Service that you need to explore once in your life time.
Hotel Hot Spring features a Thermal spa, which means that the water is above 36 degrees and is enhanced with minerals for the ultimate relaxing experience.

9. Hotel Kapil
This small luxury hotel has features you would expect from a more expensive establishment but with a much smaller price tag. The 15 rooms are superbly furnished and provide the guest with all the comforts of home.
The rooms are comfortable and contain simple facilities for drinks making; some rooms also have LCD televisions. Hotel Kapil maintains its green credentials by using solar power to heat the water.

10. Aditya Home Stay
A masterclass in luxury budget hotelling, the Aditya Home Stay is a beautiful building surrounded by amazing countryside and overflowing with class. The highlight for most guests is the balcony which offers a splendid view night and day, of the beautiful panorama in which the hotel is situated. A feeling of your own humble abode in the hills makes Aditya Home Stay one of the superior Top 10 Budget Hotels in Shimla with Good Service.
The rooms are decorated with a subtle class and maintain simplicity and sophistication while the staff cater for your every need. One thing you must do when you stay here is taking advantage of the evening bonfire that is on offer from the hotel.

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Top 10 Budget Hotels in Shimla with Good Service

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