Most Popular Coding Languages to Learn in 2018

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Most Popular Coding Languages to Learn in 2018: With the evolution of technology, the phrase “survival of the fittest” actually makes sense. When everything around you starts evolving or changing its course, it’s high time to leave the stale things behind and get ahead of the technology. When it comes to adopting the change, the foremost thing a software developer need to understand is how much important learning new languages is in order to stay on the track. They need to let the cliched go and adapt what’s in trend so as to get a job that pays some actual big bucks.

Acquiring new skills and brushing up the neglected is the ultimate way to make a fortune in this technological advancement era. You need something that is challenging enough to get the most of you and has a high demand in the market. Well, we do have a list of most popular languages that you can try your hands in which will ultimately bag you a good job and are actually interesting.

Some of the Most Popular Coding Languages to Learn in 2018 are:

1. Java
The 20-year-old programming language is not seeing the dust anytime soon as every other thing in the world is using it. Its “write once, run anywhere” trait has made it very easy to implement across various platforms and all the major companies are using it which means it is the first thing you need to get acquainted with. Moreover, Java is the driving language for Android which means their interconnectivity is something you cannot afford to miss in order to bag a job with that “high ranking” tag.

2. JavaScript
According to a survey, 62.5% of developers are actually using JavaScript which is enough to make you read more about its popularity. It is one of the most dominant languages that allows you to create web applications and this word is enough to establish its great demand. There are so many popular frameworks that are based on JavaScript such as AngularJS, ReactJS, Ember etc which are gaining popularity day by day in terms of creating SPAs making JavaScript the ruler behind all. It can eventually make you get a hang of HTML as well CSS which is something to add to your resume. The fact that single JavaScript can allow you to create an efficient application is enough to make its demand quite high in the market. JavaScript is one of the most Most Popular Coding Languages to Learn in 2018 that can make your resume stand out.

3. Swift
One of the most interestingly new additions to the programming languages, Swift is gaining popularity like no other. Being launched in 2014 for developing native iOS or macOS applications, this language has been able to get the attention of several great industries thus making a way for you to bag a worthy job. The language is known to increase the performance and usability of iOS applications and even IEEE spectrum has essentially recognised its worth. It has taken over the Objective-C which was first used for Apple’s applications and has made a path for you to follow if you wish to become a mobile application developer.

4. C#
Though we are sure that new languages are going to take over the history, traditional like C# is not anywhere near their end. The most efficient language for software development and various games, C# runs on the .NET platform making it quicker and object-oriented. It also allows you to interoperate with a variety of other languages over the same platform making the demand of its cleverness never ending.

5. PHP
The fact that there is still a large market for PHP developers does say something about the importance of PHP. The most widely used language for web development, back-end interactions or for adding features to the code, PHP is one of the eldest yet gold languages you can ever learn. This dynamic, easy to learn, write and manipulate language is fully object-oriented and platform independent making it one of the superior languages being implemented by a variety of companies across the world. PHP is one of the Most Popular Coding Languages to Learn in 2018 that will eventually make you on the hot list of hiring candidates.

6. C++
Originated in 1985, C++ is one of the languages that have made their mark in the history with their ease of use and efficiency. The most reliable and easy language to create desktop applications, C++ is the running platform for the major systems like Microsoft, Adobe, Oracle etc which means its popularity is not going down anytime soon. Once you have understood its core, it allows you to create performance-oriented tasks and further allows you to manipulate memory.

7. Python
Python is the language that is here to stay. The general-purpose programming language that allows you to create web applications and software, media tools, desktop applications etc is one of the Most Popular Coding Languages to Learn in 2018. It is also used in machine learning and data mining and major systems like Google, NASA uses it making it one of the most worthy languages to get your hand on in order to get a “high ranking” job. The code is easy to understand, learn and read making it well structured to use for the execution. The frameworks like Django and Flask with their underpinnings based on Python are getting major hype these days.

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Most Popular Coding Languages to Learn in 2018

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