Top 5 Residential Projects in Noida Under 60 Lakhs

residential projects in Noida under 60 Lakhs

Noida is one of the most flourishing sectors when it comes to having your own place with every modern luxury and facilities at hand. There are a host of amazing 5 residential projects in Noida under 60 lakhs to check out when you are looking for a desired and hassle-free living surrounded by the people you love. An ideal residential location is the one that offers you every in-house modern amenity, recreation and parks at a near distance, clean environment and surroundings, transportation facilities and more.

For all of you looking for a place that you can call your home, a place that can take the edge off after a tiring day, something that you have ever dreamed of owning, here is our meticulously curated list of best residential properties under budget.

List of Top 5 Residential Projects in Noida Under 60 Lakhs:

1. Solitaire Godrej Nest, Sector 150, Noida

Addressing the chaos of the daily city life, Godrej Properties offers you a home away from all the hustle. The Solitaire at Godrej Nest offers you a taste of luxury and fine infrastructure. The residential property offers 3 & 4 BHK apartments that shrieks of a privileged lifestyle, utmost security, every amenity at a near distance and more. The residential project has been awarded ‘Gold’ Pre-Certification by IGBC. When it comes to living a luxurious life while equally giving to the environment, the Godrej Homes are equipped with Green Features. The homes are surrounded with a green belt to ensure healthy living while the magnificent interiors add to its privileged esteem. With every other modern amenity at your footstep, a health club for keeping yourself in good shape, recreation areas and more, the Godrej Nest is one of the best choices you can make for your dream home.

Other amenities offered:
>Swimming pool
>Health club
>Jogging track
>Indoor games area

2. Jaypee Greens, Greater Noida

The 452 acres of Golf centric residential properties, the Jaypee Greens at Greater Noida is one of the top 5 residential projects in Noida under 60 Lakhs that you can consider for your dream home. When it comes to choosing the best residential property, the Jaypee Greens have established themselves as an individual smart city that has amenities apr the international standards. What better than a home amidst the golf courses and a green belt with every modern luxury at hand, lavish interiors, spa and recreational centres, health clubs, banquets, entertainment centres, eateries, clubhouse and more. You can either opt for an independent home or check out their extraordinary apartments, the Jaypee Greens won’t disappoint you. The residential area is complemented by a host of recreation centres, parks, schools, shopping hubs, spa resorts nearby to add onto your little and happy world at Jaypee Greens.

Other amenities offered:
>Member Exclusive Club House
>Spa and Health Club
>Golf Course and Academy

3. ATS Happy Trails, Noida Extension

ATS Happy Trails offers lavish residential apartments when it comes to looking for one under budget yet every modern amenity at hand. With every superior advantage within your reach, the 12 residential towers are packed with pleasant interiors, spacious 2BHK and 3 BHK apartments with an attached balcony, 80% of green belt surroundings and so much more. The newly built apartments get a 3 tier security and lie at a near distance to a proposed metro station. When it comes to the project amenities, the ATS is all about a central clubhouse for recreations, multiple swimming pools for adults and kids, an indoor gymnasium and much more. The green stretch offers a soothing atmosphere while the tasteful interiors add to its lavish presence.

Other amenities offered:
>Central Club House
>Multipurpose Hall and Card Room
>Indoor Squash room, Skating rink and Gym
>Tennis Court

4. Gaur City, Greater Noida, West Extension

When it comes to excellent residential location, every amenity at near distance, budget-friendly prices, internationally recognized master plan, lavish infrastructure, the Gaur City is one of the top 5 residential projects in Noida under 60 Lakhs. The residential projects have been certified by the Indian Green Building Council (IGBC). The simple pleasures of life at one place, the Gaur City offers 2/3/4 BHK homes with lavish spacing, modern architecture and unique location away from the city hustle. The apartments lie across the temple which makes it one of the ideal location while having a near distance to the Gaur International School. The level of security, modern infrastructure, clubhouses and more makes it one of the best residential choices in Greater Noida.

Other amenities include:
>Football Ground
>Recreation Parks
>Stadium and Gym
>Club House and Multiplex

5. ELDECO Live by The Greens

A pioneer in the real estate, the Eldeco group has been offering commercial residencies with every amenity at your doorstep from the past three decades. With a chance to experience resort life at your home, the residential project offers 2 and 3 BHK apartments with ample opportunities for recreations, fitness, shopping and more. When it comes to finding the perfect location for your dream home, that is eventually close to the metro station or other transport facilities, has a healthy green stretch, playground for kids, clubhouses, gym and more, the Eldeco Live by the Greens offers it all.

Other amenities include:
>Open Dining
>Skating rink, Sports grounds, Gym
>Kids Playground
>Elderly Sitting Area

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Top 5 Residential Projects in Noida Under 60 Lakhs

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