Top 5 Filmmaking Schools in Panchkula

top 5 filmmaking schools in panchkula

Filmmaking is one of the most lucrative careers of recent times. Tailored filmmaking courses can turn your intensive proclivity towards filmmaking into thriving career skills and offer you a good start even in the Indian Film Industry and what better than those most admired top 5 filmmaking schools in Panchkula to help you learn all that. These schools will specifically focus on various aspects of filmmaking and production including a major focus on Acting, Modeling, Direction, Scriptwriting, Cinematography, VFX and more. These professional courses can help you realise your career dreams in the film industry.

All these filmmaking schools work towards bridging the gap between the filmmaking industry and the academics with meticulously planned course materials so as to establish them as independent filmmakers.

Here are the top 5 filmmaking schools in Panchkula that can help you achieve big in the industry:

1. Almighty Multimedia and Digital Marketing

Almighty Multimedia and Digital Marketing is one of the top 5 filmmaking schools in Panchkula that believes in offering quality education to the students through latest industry-oriented curriculum, state-of-art facilities, experienced teaching staff specializing in extensive research and analysis, career guidance and more. The institute is responsible for 100% placement assistance when it comes to bagging a job in the film industry. Their recent association with the Magic Box Entertainment allows the students to try their hands in production services such as TV Serials, Documentaries, Corporate Films, Viral Videos, TV Commercials, Animation Films, Music Videos, Training Films, Walkthroughs and Travel Shows. The association allows the institute to offer their students maximum chances of grabbing a wealthy job in the Indian film industry. Certain other courses like Digital Marketing, Web Designing, Graphic Designing, animation, visual effects and more offered at the institute plays an important part in defining a student’s career.

2. Chandigarh Film Academy

When it comes to recommending the top 5 filmmaking schools in Panchkula, Chandigarh Film Academy will always be in the top list considering a generous amount of notable alumni, settled all over in the industry in various fields like cinematography, TV journalism, acting, script writing, film-making, music production, digital marketing and more. With real-world industry-based knowledge, the staff at Chandigarh Film Academy in association with Morph Academy offers a customizable curriculum based on International Film & TV industry standards. They offer a 12-month diploma in Film Making and Direction, Professional Photography and cinematography as well as video editing and visual effects. From the very first step of conceptualization to its implementation, the staff at Chandigarh Film Academy offers constant support and 100% job assistance in the industry.

3. Mad Arts Jaspal Bhatti Film School

With 25 years of path-breaking film and TV Experience, the Mad Arts Jaspal Bhatti Film School has won several international awards and has given a host of deserving students a chance in the Indian film industry. Building a strong foundation for the students with their wise curriculum, updated regularly according to industry norms, the school offers extensive opportunities to shine in the film industry with their creative infrastructure, specialist mentors and exciting placements. Their portfolio for practical courses comprises of various dance techniques, stunts, modelling, imitations, news reading, interviews and more. The school offers a healthy platform to students for showcasing their talent and offer them job opportunities in their house-production itself. From shooting, editing to VFX, the school is known to teach their students the ins and outs of the filmmaking. Several Bollywood actors and Punjabi Film actors are their most notable alumni and promote their network for extensive filmmaking training.

4. Pro Color School of Photography and Filming

Evolved as a filming and image production house, the Pro Color school of Photography and Filming was established in 1979. With state of art infrastructure and qualified mentors, the school has been responsible for realising dreams for a host of student population when it comes to filmmaking and photography. Their in-depth industry oriented curriculum, real-time industry exposure and personality development courses help a great deal for getting a job in the Indian film industry while establishing each individual as a brand itself. The school offers a 1 month of beginner’s photography program, a 3-month cinematography course, a year’s diploma in photography and filmmaking while additional weekend courses for the busy bees. In addition to theoretical concepts, the on-site working experience on live projects helps a great deal for the students in understanding the core of filmmaking and photography.

5. Zee Institute of Creative Art

ZICA is one of the most sort after institute for studying filmmaking courses. In association with Essel Group, the institute offers multiple courses all over the country with a major focus on 3D animation and visual effects. In addition to these, you can also opt for courses like graphic designing, web designing, digital marketing, photography and more. With major association with other networks, the institute offers esteemed placement opportunities in the industry and within their own home channels. It is one of the best top 5 filmmaking schools in Panchkula that offers professional help with adequate industry experience to help you realise your dreams.

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Top 5 Filmmaking Schools in Panchkula

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