Top 10 Tips For Being A Corporate Chic

corporate chic

There may be many ways of getting success in corporate World and you might ace them all but dressing for success is something entirely new to this season and here the success we are talking about is Corporate Chic.

In any social event, the most overwhelming task is to break the ice and not everyone has the confidence to do so. But you don’t have to worry about that anymore. Let your attire do the talking for you. Wearing something that creates interest and invites comment is a wonderfully easy way to melt barriers so the conversation can develop naturally in more purposeful directions.

The first impression matters and in the women’s world, the way you look is judged upon quite endearingly everyday and we are not even sorry for doing that.  Finding the balance when it comes to Corporate Appearance is rather overwhelming but being a corporate chic is the new trend theses days and we are here to make sure every single working woman knows about the power your attire holds. Be who you are always but with a little style that actually states that you mean business.

Here are some tips for being an ultimate corporate chic:-

  1. You can go for a subtle hint of colors to the bold ones all at once or one at a time but make sure you got a pop of color in your corporate look that allows you spice up your boring 9 to 5 life and even gather you some jealous gazes here and there. If you are a full on daring chic, match your shoes with a lip color that sounds bold and loud.

  2. It’s almost time for fall and there’s no other color that defines it much better than orange. A certain bright colors that brings out the bubbly and confident you is pretty preferable over the black that always symbolises gloominess.

    You might hate working or not, that’s your personal agenda, but if you wish to be recognised by everybody in the office, show them your cheery self by taking upon bright colors. Get a blouse with proper sleeves length. Sleeve length speaks volumes about your presentation so they should be perfect around the wrist.

  3. Do not panic if you have to follow a strict dress code in your office. Some companies do not allow the employees to dress the way they desire but to ensure equality all around prefers them to wear according to the dress code.

    There are many ways to spice up a boring dress code with a chic accessory like a scarf or a bag or even a little bracelet or a watch that makes you stand among all the similars. Always remember that a fit buttoned up shirt makes you look quite endearing and more presentable.

  4. Suiting up is not the guys forte anymore. You can look great in a suit that fits you and it also depicts that you mean business. A tailored suit that fits you and flaunts your beauty can do wonders. Horizontal and vertical stripes are quite hot this season and can make you look even taller giving you an aura of total control. Hem your pants to make them look cute and give you a daring look.

  5. Sometimes all you need is a little break from being your plain boring self. Dressing for office in some unique patterns or prints can make you stand out among all and can give a refreshing hues to the office too. Use a belt if you are wearing a suit to make it look entirely professional as well as chic.

  6. Giving a professional look banishes you from being your frivolous self. If you need to show all that you mean only business than piling on all the accessories is not going to help you do so. Got with a simple watch or little ear rings or studs to match your outfit.

    If you work in a creative environment, you have more freedom in the jewelry department—but that doesn’t mean you should go crazy. The focus should be on one main accessory like a statement necklace or a colorful handbag. Keep the rest simple.

  7. Shaking hands with a business partner , gestures during the presentation or even signing the papers, all these make people look at your hands and of course most probably your nails. Get a manicure before an important meeting or some presentation. Self care depicts many things about you.

    Make sure to keep your overall appearance as positive to look as in you are in total control. Manicures can be a little expensive every time a nail chips off so you need to take care of  your hand and nails at home too.

  8. Having wet hair at the workplace do not exactly gives a great impression. In order to look that you are quite a professional your hair should always be done properly and dry. Messy hairs can give an impression that you care less about your appearance which ultimately means you are a careless person all around.

    Your boss will take you much more seriously if it looks like you take the time to present a polished version of yourself each day.

  9. It is the most important part of dressing nicely and appropriately. You need to smell nice every time so that no one can resist your charm. But overdoing the perfume can make you a real outcast. Nobody likes a professional that smells too loud. One spritz of your favourite perfume can do the wonders. You do not need to apply three.

  10. A formal dress can look professional too and make you look super chic that too in professional terms. Wear a dress once a week to change your boring pant suit or trousers look and give yourself and others something fresh to look at. A good smile makes a nice first impression but the eyes can do wonders too. Well rested and prettily done eyes can make you look in control and command than the bloodshot ones that displays how much sleep deprived you are.

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Top 10 Tips For Being A Corporate Chic

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