6 Ways to Start Your Modelling Career

Modelling Career

Cara Delevingne, Kendall Jenner, Naomi Campbell, Adriana Lima, the super successful models? Who doesn’t wish to have an extravagant life like them.  I mean getting paid to look beautiful, charming, wearing the clothes from the designers you only saw in fashion magazines, fly around the world only to pose for the camera, that is indeed a dream come true. Now you only need to start your Modelling Career.

But all that shines is not always Gold and that is what modelling is exactly about. It’s not at all unicorns and beaches. The modelling life takes a toll on you. Being a full time model requires so much hard work, confidence for the camera, self love which byhttps://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Keeping_Up_with_the_Kardashians the way is overwhelming most of the time. But the perks of being a successful super model usually outshines the overwhelming hard work required.

You cannot become a successful model in one day. Not everyone has it easy like the Kardashians. It takes time and plenty of patience which is the main reason it’s not everybody’s cup of tea. You don’t have to look like Victoria’s Secret girls for being a successful model. All you need to do is have a natural beauty nobody can compare you to and confidence to rule the runway and in front of the camera. This might seems easy but telling you the truth it is more hard than an office job.

Here are some way to kick start your modelling career. You have to be patient while giving them a try as nothing works like magic and you got to believe in yourself first:-



  1. Being a model comes with so many perks that we all forget about the most difficult and not so tempting fact that you need your body in check for having a career in modelling which means you cannot afford to keep living according to your taste buds. Modelling requires a healthy lifestyle and some hardcore workout routine which proves to be good in the long race even if you don’t feel like it.

    Organic food consumption to keep your body in shape and your skin clear and shining is a must. You have to leave behind the lifestyle of binge eating or eating all the carbs at once. This is by far the most important as well as most difficult step you have to take for considering being a successful model.

  2. Getting in touch with the modelling agencies is the most difficult task you have to undertake as an aspiring model. It requires lots of self confidence, a non aggressive behavior, non quitting lifestyle and of course lots of patience. You can do a little research and pen down the certain best agencies you wish to submit your portfolio to that can help you get higher on the success ladder.

    Join the casting calls organised by various agencies and do not lose hope even if you are failing to get appointed. Look out for the ways to impress the agencies, what actually they require and prepare yourself accordingly.

  3. It is very first and foremost step for starting a career as a model. Once you have decided that you need a life in glamour as a model, you need to finalise a market for you. This includes choosing whether you want to model for runway, fashion magazines, catalog, prints or commercials, plus size , swimsuit etc. All the options are appropriate according to your forte.

    This is the first step to being a success and known around the world. All these market options depends upon your body type and height. Runways models are preferred more petite while plus size are preferred with natural curves. These all details can be taught to you in the modelling school or if you are freelancing, you got to find out yourself or take some advice from your connections.

  4. Creating a portfolio is the most basic as well as important factor defining your modelling career. A good portfolio can take you a long way ahead, so you have to be very careful in creating one. A good portfolio doesn’t necessarily mean you have to hire a very expensive photographer to make you look like nothing you actually are.

    It simply means getting your snapshots taken in such a way that maximizes your natural beauty. It should includes all the details and photos of your past work so that it is highly easy for the agencies to take a look at your experience and get an insight with whom you have work with. The way you look will target the market you are presenting, so be careful while taking the snapshots. Simple pictures with minimal make up makes a good first impression.

  5. This is the most easy way to get noticed. Social media has the power in today’s world that no one can underestimate. Promoting yourself on the social media can give you an exposure no agency can provide. A good video or even your snapshots with lots of viewers and shoutouts can expose you directly to the casting agents.

    Use the power of instagram, facebook or any social platform to make yourself recognised among the crowd. Make your you do not get taken away from the publicity and be smart enough to stay away from scams. Dreams are not fulfilled in a day and just getting started on the right platform can be your first step to the ladder of success.

  6. Right exposure to the glamour world can take you to places and this is a well known fact. Getting something you truly desires always takes sweet time and in the race of getting recognised as soon as possible sometimes you push yourself into that dark hole of scams that getting out becomes rather impossible.

    You need to be smart enough to recognise what is best for you and go for it. The social parties can help you make connections which can further help you get that starting gig you always wished for. So look your best and confident self and get ready to take over the world one step at a time.

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6 Ways to Start Your Modelling Career

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