Top 10 Places To Watch Movies Online

Top 10 Places To Watch Movies Online


When you have a stable internet connection and you need something to pass time, free movies sounds amazing. Movie streaming services are ample these days if you have an online account and some of the websites or apps let you watch them absolutely free or with some minimum charges for subscription which makes watching free movies online the favourite leisure activity to do.

Mobile phones are not only for the workhorses, they can be used for entertainment purposes too and there are certain that have a big screen that can make your movie watching experience much better if you download the movies or even if you are streaming them online.

Here’s the list of some useful apps to watch free movies online:-



  1. Amazon-Prime-Video Top 10 Places To Watch Movies Online

    Amazon prime Video with its entry has taken the online movies watching to the whole new level in India. It’s like the sibling of American Netflix. The service costs only Rs.499 a year which is very much good in terms of the content it has. The app got all the amazing movies even the blockbusters in full HD mode and with a fast internet connection, you can get majorly hooked to this app. It also supports some comedy series from freelance comedians that are worth watching.

  2. Amazon-Prime-Video Top 10 Places To Watch Movies Online

    This is the most useful free movies Indian app being ever made. Hotstar is the Star productions product that lets you watch free movies and shows online. All you need is a fast internet connection and a bag of popcorn. You can actually spend so much of time here and still the videos will be out numbered. Its most important advantage is that it provides free live streaming of the sports matches which no app supports making it user favourite. The app has several in house shows that are worth your free time. It supports full on HD movies.

  3. 3 Voot

    Amazon-Prime-Video Top 10 Places To Watch Movies Online

    Voot is Viacom’s 18 newly launched video streaming application that lets you watch movies and shows online that too for free. The app has decent movie collection library that can make you hook for several hours in a day. It also supports some top most colors channel’s shows like Bigg Boss etc that are people’s favourite. The most amazing thing about this app is that it has a collection of some recently launched movies which no other app supports that too in HD.

  4. Amazon-Prime-Video Top 10 Places To Watch Movies Online

    You tube is by far the most amazing and famous movies and shows repository in the World. You are even allowed to upload movies and videos on whatever appropriate content you feel like. It is the powerhouse of all the movies be it be hollywood, bollywood or many other genres. The site and app even supports online tv shows and tutorials on education, fashion and much else that too absolutely free. All the new music videos are available on youtube that you can download for free.

  5. Amazon-Prime-Video Top 10 Places To Watch Movies Online

    This is the most popular android app and they have their own website too. The app has a collection of all the movies that are produced by EROS Now which means you can watch all the latest Eros blockbusters here that too entirely for free. You can choose the movies according to the genre you like or the languages you prefer. The download part of the app though requires a subscription which doesn’t cost much and all the downloads are in HD too.

  6. Amazon-Prime-Video Top 10 Places To Watch Movies Online

    Jio on Demand is the app most popular theses days. Jio users get the most amazing app updation here, called as Jio Cinemas. The app supports streaming of all the famous movies that can take you months to watch. the app has no competition in terms of the availability of content in its library. It is just restricted to jio users only. The most important fact is that all the movies available are in HD print and streaming is entirely free till the year 2017 lasts. 

  7. Amazon-Prime-Video Top 10 Places To Watch Movies Online

    America’s most famous video streaming app has made its entry in India last year and has been the most famous ever since. The app has a library filled with tremendous amount of movies and videos and even netflix original shows that can make you hooked to your phone and pc screens. The movie collection though is nothing compared to other apps but its original popularity always lands it in the hot list.

  8. Amazon-Prime-Video Top 10 Places To Watch Movies Online

    This is the new addition to online movie watching apps and is currently the center of attraction with its amazing content. The content is though limited to android users only and supports no website counterpart.  The app charges for a subscription  and the content amount in the library is minimum too but the quality of videos can give you a movie theatre like experience.

  9. Amazon-Prime-Video Top 10 Places To Watch Movies Online

    Showbox is one of the most famous online free movies app that can pass your sweet leisure time in a breeze. The library has so much quality content to offer and the free streaming is a plus. The app is used by millions of people around the World. It’s only disadvantage is that it is not available on google play, you have to visit its official website and download the apk file. The videos streamed are in hd format and the app also allows you to download the desired content that too for free. 

  10. 10 Box TV

    Amazon-Prime-Video Top 10 Places To Watch Movies Online

    Box TV is one of the major free movies online app that is available both for android as well as iOS users. The app supports variety of movies to stream online ranging from hollywood blockbusters to bollywood classics. It also let you watch online tv shows and supports freelance video clips too. To access Box TV, you’ll need to register with a Facebook or Google+ account.

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Top 10 Places To Watch Movies Online

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