Top 10 Places In Kullu Manali

Top 10 Places In Kullu Manali

Kullu Manali marks to the gateway of Himalayas. While Kullu is famous as the “land of Gods”, Manali is considered as the “land of valleys”. They both are though different destinations but for the travellers they are always considered one. Kullu is the land where lush green pine and Deodar forests can make you overwhelmed with its beauty while Manali’s weather can make you hooked to this place.

For every travelling soul out there, here are some places in Kullu Manali that are a must visit:-

  1. Solang-Valley-1 Top 10 Places In Kullu Manali

    Solang valley is famous as the “snow point” near manali and is responsible for holding number of snow sports also including adventure sports like skiing, paragliding, parachutes etc. The valley is also famous as the most high altitude trekking hotspot. Major travellers visit this place for its magnificent snow covered peaks and lush green scenery.  Horse riding and Zorbing are also some famous adventure sports available at solang valley. 

  2. Solang-Valley-1 Top 10 Places In Kullu Manali

    Rohtang is the most famous destination if you ever plan to visit Kullu Manali. It’s like a tradition to visit the eastern hills of the Pir Pinjal Range. It lies at an altitude of 3978 metres above the sea level and is always covered in snow, making the area look divine. River beas lies at the southern end of Rohtang pass while Chenab lies at the northern end making the whole Rohtang Pass look like beautiful snow covered heaven on earth. The area is famous for its breathtakingly beautiful hidden waterfalls and some snow sports are always the main attraction of the tourists.  

  3. Solang-Valley-1 Top 10 Places In Kullu Manali

    Hadimba Temple is the most famous temple in manali and gets thousands of travellers in the year. The temple is famous for its historical background. It belonged to the Rakshasa Hidimba who was also the wife of the Pandava Bhima. The temple was build in 1553 and is covered by deodar forests all the way. The temple is believed to hold an exclusive place inside the hearts of locals. The buddhist monastery type architecture makes it look straight out of the old history books. The temple is truly a sight to behold. The evening prayer is worth watching while visiting this place.  

  4. Solang-Valley-1 Top 10 Places In Kullu Manali

    Vashisht hot water springs are located on the edge of river beas and are dedicated to the local saint Vashisht. The hot water springs are located only at a distance of 4-5 kms from manali and holds a major hype among the tourists and pilgrims. They can also be rented privately as a closed spa type area. The turkish style bath houses are famous all over Manali for its amazing ambience and aura

  5. Solang-Valley-1 Top 10 Places In Kullu Manali

    Great Himalayan national Park is a must see if you ever visit Kullu Manali. The park is maintained under UNESCO and holds variety of flora and fauna species that can make you acquainted with the nature. It is the home to more than 375 fauna species that are endangered and are only available to look at the park premises only. The park is very tightly guarded by the govt authorities due to its unique diversity of species and the presence of Himalayas. 

  6. Solang-Valley-1 Top 10 Places In Kullu Manali

    Manikaran is an important pilgrimage for both hindus and sikhs based on its unique history. The pilgrimage is associated with many different tales and legends. The atmosphere and the sura of the place is so divine and peace worthy that every traveller must include this place in their wish list of travelling Manali. The pilgrimage is famous for its hot water springs that have no such scientific proof of why they exist here in the first place.  A geothermal plant is also being set up here for the experimental purposes. 

  7. Solang-Valley-1 Top 10 Places In Kullu Manali

    Bhrigu lake is located near Rohtang pass and is only reachable by trekking from Rohtang pass or from the village Gulabo. The lake is a sight to behold. The half frozen lake can take your breath away with its divine beauty. According to the locals, the lake’s water is considered sacred. The lake is a perfect spot for adventure trekking and camping in its beautiful ambience nearby. 

  8. 8 Kasol

    Solang-Valley-1 Top 10 Places In Kullu Manali

    Kasol is a divine place hidden in the Himalayas and is somewhat 2 hours drive from Manali. The place is known for its peaceful environment due to being so much less populated. The place is famous for the Lord shiva and his temples nearby. It’s a perfect destination for those who wish to get lost in the beauty of Himalayas and enjoy their time with peace and quiet.

  9. Solang-Valley-1 Top 10 Places In Kullu Manali

    Tibetan Monasteries are most famous in Manali with their amazing tribal architecture and shrines of Lord Buddha. Among all the monasteries, Himalayan Nyingmapa Gompa and Gadhan Thekchhokling Gompa are the most famous. These monasteries are built by Tibetan refugees and are a must visit for anyone wanting to get a glimpse of their culture. The monasteries are built Pagoda style.

  10. Solang-Valley-1 Top 10 Places In Kullu Manali

    Beas river is the most basic and crowded adventure place near kullu. Kullu valley is situated at the banks of Beas river and it houses some many famous adventure sports for the tourists. Beas River is the ultimate place for camping with friends and enjoy the local culture and some amazing water sports. Beas originates from the Himalayas and flows around 470 kilometres to Sutlej river in Punjab. 

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Top 10 Places In Kullu Manali

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