Top 10 Offbeat Places In Himachal Pradesh

Himachal Pradesh


Visiting the same old fashioned, commercialised, heavily flocked areas in Himachal Pradesh is not what everyone desires. Some of you wish a more fluke journey- the journey to the undiscovered destinations that will give you the much needed peace of mind and soul. There are many such off beat places in Himachal that will make your such dream come true.

The untouched and unspoiled Himachal is not that much famous but the aura of the places is so quiet and relaxing that one wishes to stay in the make believe heaven for the entire life. Here are some offbeat travel location in Himachal Pradesh for you to visit to quench that unexplored travel soul:-


  1. 1 Barot

    Brot Top 10 Offbeat Places In Himachal Pradesh

    Barot is like the untouched and unexplored heaven on the Earth. The place will give you the famous story book like views that will leave mesmerised with its scenic beauty. With river Uhl flowing at one side and a wildlife sanctuary covering the area like a mother and amazing trails for hiking, Barot is the ultimate offbeat place that must go in your to travel list. The trek from Barot to Bir will give you the much needed adrenaline rush that makes it perfect for those trek enthusiasts. The amazing peaceful environment will make you acquainted with the nature and the mind peace is an additional perk.

  2. 2 Shoja

    Brot Top 10 Offbeat Places In Himachal Pradesh

    Shoja is an offbeat town that lies in Seraj valley is the home to most amazing and beautiful waterfall in the area. The Ser one bay and the treks and camps at other, the town gives  a panoramic view of nature in all its glory. The lake at the sunset looks completely out of a picture. The ice cold drinks with the ice cold waterfall is perfect to stay away from the summer heat and bathe in the reality of nature. The view here is so serene that will leave with so much compassion and warmth for the nature and the much needed peace of mind is guaranteed in such relaxing hustle free atmosphere. 

  3. Brot Top 10 Offbeat Places In Himachal Pradesh

    Thanedar is the place known for its cherry and apple orchards which looks straight out of the fictional books. It is a treat for the nature lovers with its long trails for trekking and the environment so peaceful and calm that one wishes to get lost here. The place is the apple heaven. Every house has its roof top filled with apple slices and is one of the most famous exporter of apples in India. The town features a famous offbeat temple called Naag Devta , near Hattu Peak that is a ice and famous attraction here. The St.mary’s Church is also in the Thanedar area that is a  must visit for its beauty as well as history. 

  4. Brot Top 10 Offbeat Places In Himachal Pradesh

    Tirthan Valley will give you the most surreal travel experience of your life. With the sounds of water cascading through the rocks that can even pierce your soul, Tirthan valley is the ultimate off beat place to be. The valley is situated at somewhat 130 kms from Tirthan river and is the home to major adventurous sports, treks and the beautiful Great Himalayan National Park. The spring season is the best time to visit the valley if you wish to be flabbergasted in its amazing beauty. It will give you the ultimate experience of rappelling, rock climbing, jumaring, river crossing, night treks, mountain biking, archery and kayaking like adventure sports.

  5. 5 Chindi

    Brot Top 10 Offbeat Places In Himachal Pradesh

     Chindi, a serene town near Chail Chowk is the place that will make you wish you were born here. The surroundings of the place are so calm and quiet that one can achieve the ultimate peace of their soul here. The mornings are usually started with birds singing and chirping and the area is covered in lush green forest that will give you the feeling of tranquility. The town is famous for its long lasting trails that lead to the Shikari Devi Temple and Janjehli which are a must visit during your travel to Chindi. 

  6. Brot Top 10 Offbeat Places In Himachal Pradesh

    Pabbar valley is the blend of reality with the nature that will offer you the much needed peace from your chaotic life. The valley is perfect for a romantic or weekend getaway. The valley is so much famous for its offbeat hamets and oak trees that are perfect for luring travellers looking for some quiet in the chaos. The trek through Pabbar Valley  to the snow covered mountains is perfect for those off beat trek locations. The valley also homes some famous paragliding and rafting adventure sports for enjoying with your family or friends

  7. 7 Kalpa

    Brot Top 10 Offbeat Places In Himachal Pradesh

    The town lies in the Kinnaur district of Himachal Pradesh and is the biggest town of the area. The town is famous for its ancient history in association with the temples and Buddhist monasteries it houses. The beautiful pine nuts forests that shine bright with the sunlight coming from the snow cladded kailash will make you fall in love with this place. The place is a panoramic heaven. Its famous for weekend treks and camping with family or friends or some eerie peace and calm for your soul. The Chandika Devi temple is a must visit in kalpa which is rich for its ancient Hindu history and utmost beautiful architecture.

  8. Brot Top 10 Offbeat Places In Himachal Pradesh

    Rakcham is the town known as the gateway to heaven. With the snow covered peaks surrounding it and the amazing lush green carpets, the valley of Raksham can make you bewildered in awe. The river Baspa flowing at one side and the long trail of trek at the other, the valley is the perfect spot for those wishing to find a connection with the nature or even themselves. The valley lies near the Indo Tibet border and homes Buddhist as well as Hindu temples in parallel. Rakcham is not as much developed as compare to other parts of Himachal making you feel alive in the ancient times. 

  9. 9 Malana

    Brot Top 10 Offbeat Places In Himachal Pradesh

    Hidden in the depths of Kullu district, Malana is the place that will give you an insight into the World history. All the locals of the place are considered to be the descendants of the Alexander the Great. In fact, this place has its own set administrative laws and practices that closely resemble that of the Greek administrative system, language, social framework and their notion of purity. The area is hidden from the overbearing travellers and is one of the most unexplored one. The town covered in snow in winters looks heaven on earth. The local food and local people are wonderful and you can get to the famous Rohtang pass trek through in between Malana making it a msu visit destination. 

  10. Brot Top 10 Offbeat Places In Himachal Pradesh

    Gushaini is the most offbeat destination in Himachal Pradesh. Hidden near the Tirthan river, Gushaini is called as the Trout country due to the abundance of trout fishes here. The place is the perfect escape from the reality of life and basking in the lap of mother nature. One can camp here at the bank of the river and enjoy the most peaceful fishing. The area is a must visit if you wish to spend some time in solitude. The Great Himalayan National Park is just 20 kms from the town making it a perfect getaway town if you wish to see the amazing flora and fauna of the park. The trail along the cedar woods in the park is perfect for quality time with one’s own self. 

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Top 10 Offbeat Places In Himachal Pradesh

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