Top 10 Things No One Told You About Being An Air Hostess

Top 10 Things No One Told You About Being An Air Hostess


Being an air hostess comes with all kind of perks, glamourous lifestyle being one of them. You get to have wings. The thing, the freedom everyone cherishes, you get to have that. You get to see the World in all its glory, meet celebrities in the first class, get to know different cultures across the World, stay in luxurious hotels and the salary is a boon. But there are certain things you don’t know about being an air hostess. You can relate those things to being very close to a superwoman, thus air stewardess’ doesn’t have it easy at all.

Let us look at some of the things you have no idea regarding being an air hostess:-


  1. Yes, they are taught the first hand survival ways to stay alive and keep all of you alive in any calamity or extreme conditions. Survival training is the part of their curriculum. They know how to create a shelter, gather food, find safe drinking water and attract help in the Arctic, jungle, rainforests and deserts, which means you really don’t have anything to worry about.

  2. They are not allowed to put on some pounds while they are still working with the air lines. They get many perks, manyfold glamourous job and keeping in shape is rather justifies for all those perks. If ever they gain weight, they are given some time to shed off those extra pounds with vigorous training. They do not have the advantage of getting a uniform one or two sizes bigger. So they got no choice except to come back in their normal weight.

  3. Their training kit includes the course of delivering a baby in any kind of emergency while the flight is still on the go.  They have the license to do so and your baby might get free residentship of the area in which it was delivered sometimes. The air hostess’ are taught to be calm in any kind of panic emergency or medical warnings. 

  4. The air hostess’ are known to amazing parties whether in a club or a lounge, you can take tips from them. The stewardesses have travelled the area you are taking off to number of times and they know all the famous or off beat travel or party destinations. Once the crew has reached the destination, it’s all about partying their way through all the time they got there. Moreover, for relaxing though, they get to stay in 5 star hotels with every amenities at their disposal.

  5. It is not necessary that all the air hostesses always thought about being one and are here without any effort. There are some of the crew members who were lawyers, businessmen or even teachers that have changed their professions to become an air hostess. The air hostess academy only have an age limit, they do not have the power to not appoint anyone with former different professions. So you can still think about being an air hostess and let your soul fly.

  6. All the air hostesses have to follow strict grooming rules. They ought to look professional with a minimalistic beautiful look. Being on their best beauty behaviour is the part of their job. They are not allowed to wear skirts or dresses of varying length, the lip shades must be common among all and always applied and nails should be manicured and polished in pink or red. They have to look presentable for the passengers with a wonderful smile on their face. 

  7. Yes people often say you get used to to flying after so many travels but it’s not always true. The air hostesses too suffer from the jet lag like all of us. They have to take care of your every necessity during the flight and that too for hundreds of you guys and flying does take a toll on them too. They too have problems adjusting with the time changes in various countries across their travels. 

  8. They have proper training to survive extreme conditions inside the plane too. They are not only trained to look after all of you during some extreme bad outside conditions but are also trained for inside chaos. For e.g if the plane gets on fire or is being hijacked, they knows the ways to deal with those things that too in a calm and composed way. Being an air hostess is not all unicorns and sunshine. 

  9. It is often common courtesy to deal with the air hostesses in a manner they are treating you with- respect and smile. We often tend to forget that a mere thank you for their amazing efforts can make their day and they will serve you with more respect and sometimes priority. Be a little courteous if you don’t want them to spit in your food( not literally though). 

  10. There are certain rules they got to follow before the flight takes off, one being able to question the security answers correctly to the senior cabin crew. They are asked two emergency procedure questions and one medical. Failure to answer correctly means being taken off the flight.

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Top 10 Things No One Told You About Being An Air Hostess

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