Top 10 Highest Paying Travel Jobs in the World

highest paying travel jobs

There is a difference in being a tourist and a traveler. While some of you might be happy squeezing in a little vacation here and there as a tourist while working a 9 to 5 office job, many of you feel that this is not the lifestyle you once wished for.

A traveler’s soul is never quenched and working full time that too with a little vacation time only twice a year is not anywhere making that travel bug of your to go away. So, have you ever considered of changing your job if you wish to travel more. There are many jobs you can consider that helps you to get Highest Paying Travel Jobs in the World.

This can be done in two ways:-

  1. You can get a that requires you to travel as a normal part of the job description
  2. You can take up seasonal jobs that pursues for some months or so and that too in different parts of the World.

While the latter gives you a more free lifestyle and travel expeditions, the former provides you a more secure monthly income. The choice depends upon you.

Here are some jobs that you can choose if you want to see the world and earn at the same time:-



  1. Being a flight attendant lets you travel the whole world which is its most amazing perk but it does depend upon the airline you work for. But the not so amazing thing is that you time you get to explore the city and its culture can vary.

    You can take up this job by properly going through all the details like where they go, how much stay time is provided and so on. You only need to get an aviation course from a recognised institute to get this job and the salary is exceptionally good with additional perks too.

  2. Being a geologist for an oil or a gas company helps you travel anywhere in the world. The field trips, exotic locations, you name it. But this one requires a proper background in science and a masters degree. The employees are paid exceptionally well and the office funded travelling gives an additional and very much appreciated advantage.

  3. Being a TEFL teacher gives you an opportunity to serve the society as well as lets you travel a variety of places in the whole world. Teaching English as a Foreign Language is just the job for you if you like long stays at some different location every time and wants to unite with the people.

    You often get six months contract after a 4 week training in TEFL from any institute. You can search for these jobs on social platforms or naukri sites like The company offers you a great income and stays are funded.

  4. These are the options that doesn’t pays you according to every cruise tour level. But if you do not have sea sickness and wishes to explore the sea world that can give you much appreciated experience an exposure, these are your dream jobs.A few examples:

    • Broadcast technician
    • Sound technician
    • Production manager
    • Electrician
    • Casino dealer
    • Masseuse
    • Chef
    • Line cook
    • Bartender
    • Waiter/Waitress
    • Cleaning and maintenance crew
    • Inventory manager
    • Hotel manager
    • Diving instructor
    • Childcare worker
    • Musician
    • Dancer
    • Entertainer/Performer

  5. May be being a volunteer doesn’t pays you much but if you wish to go to other countries and help people while you are there, it is the ideal job for you. You might not be able to get a full on sightseeing and exploring the city experience because most of the work is on location but it sure can help you change the environment and job description you definitely wished to change. Health insurance, student loan deferrals, and a pretty sweet bonus at the end of your Peace Corps service is an additional perk.

  6. If you have a medical nurse degree that you are in advantage of travelling from place to place as a travel nurse. The pay and other benefits are excellent and you get a funded stay which is a win win. The nurses which can be classified as a travel nurse are:-

    1. Dialysis nurses
    2. Nurse practitioners
    3. Advance practice nurses
    4. LPNs/LVNs with 6 years of recent experience
    5. Radiologic technologists
    6. Physical therapists

  7. Being a tour guide is the ultimate job for feeding your travel bug. It requires total knowledge and details regarding the place, its culture, history or any related thing which ultimately requires you to visit and research that place properly.

    It is an ensured way to travel around the world and make everybody else also acquainted with it. A tour guide salary varies according to the companies that hire you. Some top most travel companies can even make you loaded.

  8. If you have what it takes to be a professional photographer, then this is the perfect job for earning and travelling at the same time. Freelancing and being hired to work for someone is entirely different here. The latter makes more money though. This may mean travel writer, but it doesn’t have to.

    You get to experience the world in its most beautiful form and capturing it requires you to be a splendid photographer. This job can take you to places no one can dream of visiting just for the sake of your job which is quite an amazing way to get that travelling ghost away.

  9. It is one of the most highly paid job and requires a lot of hard work and effort. The job itself requires you to be on a ship some 6 to 7 months a year giving you an ample opportunity to explore the world and guess what they are always hiring. The difficult tasks is to clear the graduation course in merchant navy. The pay scale and additional perks are amazing.

  10. Being a global event planner requires you to travel all over the world to choose thar perfect location for an event. You can start from some freelancing and in some time or so you can be recruited by the event managing companies. Imagine having to travel the world just for deciding which venue will be suitable to host that fashion week , the award show or literally anything else.

    Once you become a professional and recognised event manager, the big bucks eventually come in. Catering and entertainment contracts are also to be looked out for making you satisfy your food and travel bug all at once.

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Top 10 Highest Paying Travel Jobs in the World

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