Best 5 Acting And Modelling Schools In Delhi

Acting And Modelling Schools In Delhi

Every once in a while there’s a thought that lingers in the mind of most of us that what it would be like living a life in a glamour world. We all wish to lead a life with style, fashion, fame and most of all money. Modelling and acting are the careers that can make your dream of glamour lifestyle come true. For this you need Best Acting and Modelling Schools in Delhi that have much professional experience in acting and modelling industry.

If you can dream it, you can do it. It is the mantra that can let you face every obstacle in your path with so much zeal and confidence. Being an actor or a model is not something you can get in a single day. It requires lots of efforts, hard work, patience and strength on your part.

The most important factor that defines your modelling or acting career is the training school you get your diploma from. It is the sole foundation that defines your success as a model or an actor.

Here are some best Acting and Modelling Schools in Delhi that can help you build your glamorous future:-



  1. NAM Institute of Professional Studies was established in 2008 and is located in South Delhi. The institute is affiliated under I.K Gujral Technical University, Jalandhar. The institute provides a 3 months diploma in acting and modelling to give you a kick start in your career. The diploma is valid all over the industry.

    The institute aims at providing superior training in modelling and acting covering all aspects. Interested candidates can apply for the course directly in the college. The candidate must have cleared a 12th standard from an established board.

  2. RK Films and Media Academy is located in New Delhi. R K Films & Media Academy (RKFMA) offers quality training in the studios besides regular modern classroom interactions and practical training with special stress on show cases of legends in the respective media field.

    The school is very famous for its Film Acting, Digital Still Photography, Sound Recording & Dubbing, Anchoring & Broadcasting, Radio & TV Journalism, Print Journalism courses. It provides a 6 month full time undergraduate diploma in fashion modelling and acting. The academy also offers a wide range of certificate courses in radio jockeying, anchoring and news reading in association with Delhi university’s colleges.

  3. CRAFT is a film and television institute situated in Delhi. The institute was established in 2006. It is an Academic Organization which imparts autonomous short term and long term courses related to the film medium like direction, cinematography, acting, creative writing, TV journalism, PR advt. and event management.

    They believe in rigorous and meticulous training that would instill confidence among the students. They offer a 6 month or part time diploma in acting and modelling. The institute is known for its great faculty and alumni all over the city.

  4. 4 FIMA

    Frankfinn Institute of Modelling and Acting, Delhi is one of the most famous acting schools among India. They are known for their famous and most successful alumni. The FIMA acting and modelling course is designed in such a way that it is unique, established with extensive research in the glamour industry, comprehensive and undoubtedly the best among all.

    FIMA acting course covers all facets of acting and modelling with focus on total development of the students who dream to make it Big in the industry. It will help you discover the latent actor in you by providing appropriate training by well trained professors. They will help you learn the aspects of modelling from basics to telling a story with a graceful attitude.

    The portfolio with such a great institute can do wonders. It provides a 4 month diploma in acting with major training in speech, body movement and dance. Sachin Khurana, kawaljit Singh, Liza Varma  are the famous alumni of FIMA. The process of registration is online.

  5. Aimfill International is one of the top branding and famous acting and modelling schools in Delhi. They provide quality education, B.Sc in modelling and acting of a level bound to make you successful in the glamour industry. They understand the demand today’s acting and modelling world have and prepare you accordingly.

    The institute offers you a full time 1 year under graduation degree in acting and modelling. For being eligible to apply for the course, candidate must have passed 10+2, have minimum 5 feet 2 inches for girls and 5 feet and 7 inches for boys, proportionate weight and fluent in English. The process of registration is online.

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Best 5 Acting And Modelling Schools In Delhi

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