Top 10 Best Tourist Places Near Bangalore

best tourist places near bangalore

Bangalore, the garden capital of India is a place like no other. There are a plethora of tourist places near Bangalore that can be on the travel list for your next weekend getaway goals. The places range from historical monuments to the cultural heritage sites to the amazing stress relieving destination. Trust me, you won’t ever be disappointed with the choices.  You can find different and best tourist places near Bangalore according to your taste and interest.


Some of the best tourist places near Bangalore for your next weekend getaway goals:

  1. Famous for its Royal history, Mysore is one of the best tourist places near Bangalore that should be in every traveller’s bucket list for a weekend getaway. The city has a rich and regal heritage and a culture worth exploring. The upcoming It hub, Mysore has hoards of tourist attractions. Temples, forts, gardens, the places to see here are endless. With over 600 years of legacy, Mysore is a flamboyant city with exceptional weather throughout the year.

    Places to visit:-

    1. Mysore Zoo
    2. Mysore Palace
    3. Brindavan Gardens
    4. Somnathpur
    5. Karanji Lake

  2. Hogenakkal is known as the most heavenly place in the state. The place where the river Kaveri splits into multiple waterfalls giving a splendid view just like heaven on the earth. The place is amazing for a weekend relaxed getaway from the city life and hectic schedules. The place is famous for Hogenakkal falls, also known as Niagara falls of India.

    Places to visit:-

    1. Hogenakkal waterfalls
    2. Mettur dam
    3. Melagiri Hills
    4. Pennagram village

  3. Coorg is one of the most famous hill stations in Karnataka and one of the most desired tourist places near Bangalore. Cladded in lush green plantations and breathtaking landscapes, Coorg’s weather is to die for. The out of the world divine hills covered by the forests with coffee and tea plantations admit the area, you cannot get disappointed with your travel plans to Coorg ever.

    Places to visit:-

    1. Abbey falls
    2. Tala Cuavery
    3. Nagarhole National Park
    4. Burude Falls
    5. White water rafting in river Barapole

  4. The Queen of Hill stations, Ooty is the perfect spot for a getaway from the daily city chaos. The out of the World, honeymoon spot, Ooty is situated at an altitude of 2, 240 mt above sea level and is the place with amazing weather throughout the year. Lofty mountains, the never ending tea plantations, dense forests and sprawling grasslands, make the place a worth visit. The adventure sports like paragliding, Trekking and mountain biking are available for adventure enthusiasts.

    Places to visit:-

    1. Toy Train
    2. Ooty lake
    3. Ooty Botanical Gardens
    4. Ooty Rose Gardens
    5. Thread Gardens

  5. Bheemeshwari is a small town near Bangalore that serves as an amazing stress relieving getaway from the bustling city life and is one of the most peaceful tourist places near Bangalore. The place is like a heaven for a nature lover. One can enjoy boating and fishing in a much needed peace and quiet in the lake. The place has a variety of flora and fauna that makes it a beautiful place to be.

    Places to visit:-

    1. Doddamakalli Nature Camp 
    2. Cauvery Fishing Camp 
    3. Sangam
    4. Trekking
    5. Galibore Fishing Camp

  6. The world recognised UNESCO heritage site, Hampi, the city of ruins is an amazing weekend getaway. The city is famous for its beautiful temples, forts and caves. Virupaksha Temple, dedicated to the patron deity of the empire, is a beautiful temple carved in 1500s is the most famous temple here. The city has numerous temples which were ruined over the century. It was recognised as a heritage site by UNESCO in 1986 and many efforts have been taken to restore the lost glory of the place.

    Places to visit:-

    1. Virupaksha Temple
    2. Vithala Temple
    3. Hampi Bazaar
    4. Elephant Stables
    5. Lotus Palace

  7. An exquisite hill station in Kerala, Wayanad is located amidst Western Ghat Mountains. It is considered a revenue state for its cash crop foreign exchange for coffee, tea, pepper, cardamom, vanilla etc. Wayanad is the soul quenching paradise for a trekking junkie. Its trek from the lake is the most famous trek in India.

    Places to visit:-

    1. Banasura Sugar Dam
    2. Chembra Peak
    3.  Neelimala View Point
    4. Wayanad Wildlife Sanctuary

  8. Munnar is the most popular hill station in Kerala and is one of the tourist places near Bangalore that is famous worldwide. It’s climate and its scenic beauty is mesmerising. Munnar hills were solely designed for the largest tea plantation in the South. It has a unique view of verdant mountain slopes which are covered with about 80,000 miles of green tea valleys overlying with the utmost beauty of the cloudy weather and the sunsets. Cute bungalows, cozy homestays and lavish hotels and resorts in Munnar with a relaxing environment make it the most romantic destination.

    Places to visit:-

    1. Rose Garden
    2. Echo Point
    3. Elephant Arrival Spot
    4. Mattupetti Dam

  9. Mahabalipuram is a must visit for any architecture enthusiast. The rock cut caves, the carved temple, the serene beauty and the amazing ancient architecture, Mahabalipuram is a place like no other. The beautiful white sand beaches in the arae are breathtaking. One can enjoy the nature in its finest glory in Mahabalipuram.

    Places to visit:-

    1. Mahabalipuram Beach
    2. Shore Temple
    3. Five Rathas
    4. Tiger’s Caves

  10. Gokarna is a Hindu pilgrimage site famous all over India and one of the most enchanting tourist places near Bangalore. People visit the place for its amazingly beautiful temples and some over the top stunning beaches. It is a new hub for some hip beach parties on Karnataka. The place is an amazing getaway if you wish to spend some time in quiet away from the city life in the coastal area where the locals reside or if you wish to meet people across the globe and have the time of your life partying. The place exists for both the purposes.

    Places to visit:-

    1. Om Beach
    2. Mahabaleshwar Temple
    3. Water sports on Gokarna Beach
    4. Yaana
    5. Kudle Beach

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Top 10 Best Tourist Places Near Bangalore

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