Top 10 Best Tourist Places Near Pune

best tourist places near pune

Pune has always been on my checklist of places to travel. There are a plethora of best tourist places near Pune to make up your weekend getaway list. These tourist places that are exceptionally famous and are bound to mesmerise you with their beauty.

Some of the best tourist places near Pune:


Pune is the

  1. Lonavla is one of the best tourist places near Pune. It is a hill station that lies at a distance of 67 Km from Pune and 95 Kms from Mumbai making it the most travelled hill station in Maharashtra. The amazing weather, the people, the stunning resorts, what’s there to not like in that place. You can visit the Elephant’s head point for an amazing photo shoot or visit the various caves, forts or waterfalls, this place has amazing adventures up its sleeves for you. Lonavala is the most hippest joint for a weekend getaway from the bustling city life to amazing heavenly weather.

  2. Mahabaleshwar is one of the most travelled hill stations near Pune. Located at a distance of 123 Kms, Mahabaleshwar is called as queen of Hills in Maharashtra. From its sloppy peaks to the surrounding woods, its beauty will leave you mesmerised. There are many tourist attractions in Mahabaleshwar like forts, temples, lakes, and many more. Pratapgarh Fort, Venna Lake, Mahabaleshwar Temple, Krishnabai Temple, Lingamala Falls, Tapola, Panchgani are some important tourist spots in Mahabaleshwar.

  3. 3 Alibag

    Alibag is a coastal town located at a distance of 143 Kms from Pune and is one of the best tourist places near Pune. It is one of the most visited tourist places in Maharashtra. This place is also known as Goa of Maharashtra for the fact that it is surrounded by sea on three sides. Legend has it that a wealthy Muslim named Ali owned many plantations hence the town derived its name Alibag.

    From its amazing beaches to the breathtaking forts, there isn't anything not worth visiting in Alibag. The place has so many amazing plantations for an amazing hike that you will never forget. The weather, the serene temples, the landscape beaches and the historical forts, Alibag is a place must visiting.

  4. Panchgani is  another hill station at a distance of 103 Kms from Pune. It was established as a summer resort by the British in 1800’s mostly for enjoying their retirement time. The place has an amazing weather throughout the year. It is also famous for its Devil’s Kitchen, the place that is said to be the cave where the Pandavas spent some time during their Vanvas. Table Land, Parsi Point, Kamalgadh Fort, Devil's Kitchen, Rajpuri Caves, Sydney Point, Mapro Gardens, Dhom dam etc. are some of the major sightseeing options in Panchgani.

  5. 5 Shirdi

    At a distance of 180 Kms lies a world famous Hindu Pilgrimage- Shirdi. It is one of the best tourist places near Pune and is recognised all over the World among hindus. The place is famous for its shrine of Sai Baba and gets more than fifty thousand devotees throughout the day for seeking his blessings. The place is the home to Sai Baba when he was 16 years old till the date he passed away. Shirdi is the place where he attained his 'Samadhi' or final abode. The Sri Sai Baba Sansthan Trust (Shirdi) has provided 2,500 rooms of varied capacity for accommodation.

  6. 6 Satara

    Satara is one of the most visited tourist place in Maharashtra specifically in monsoons. The place is surrounded by beautiful rivers that looks heavenly. The weather of the place is perfect for a weekend getaway from Pune only at a distance of 129 Kms. The Ajinkyatara Fort is the major historical fort in Satara and was built by Raja Bhoj. About 3,000 feet high, the fort was once an important line of defense in southern Maharashtra.

    The fort is also the home to some famous Hindu Lords temples. The Kaas Lake, Kaas Plateau, Gare Ganapathi Temple, Koteshwar Mandir and the Abhayankar Vishnu Temple are some places you need to visit for sure while taking a trip to Satara.

  7. 7 Kolad

    If you wish to enjoy some amazing adventure sports near Pune, Kolad is the perfect as well as one of the best tourist places near Pune. Located at a distance of 86 Kms from Pune, Kolad is the place famous for its breathtaking waterfalls, lush green fields and picturesque backdrop of Sahyadris. You can enjoy Kayaking, Rappelling, River rafting in the Kolad Beach.

    The landscape is a treat for the eyes. The river Kundalika is famous for white water rafting and Tamhini waterfalls will make you mesmerised with its beauty. You are sure to have the time of your life here with some amazing adventure sports.

  8. Bhimshankar is the famous temple town located at somewhat 89 Kms from Pune. the town is famous for its  'Jyotirlinga' shrines of Lord Shiva in India, which are only 12 throughout the country. The town gets hoards of devotees from all over the country for seeking the blessings  of Lord Shiva.

    Legend has it that the name Bhimashankar was originated from the river Bhima which evaporated due to the generated between the war of Lord Shiva and the demon Tripurasura.  The green stretch the area has is famous for trekking among the people and the wildlife sanctuary serves as the perfect getaway for a wildlife enthusiast.

  9. Located at a distance of 79 Kms from Pune and situated at the banks of river Amba, Durshet is a perfect weekend getaway. The place is surrounded by two Ganpati temples, Pali and Mahad and get many devotees throughout the day. The place is considered as one of the best tourist places near Pune. The aura of the place is so serene and quiet that it serves as a perfect place for people looking for some time off the bustling city chaos.

    The place offers some amazing water sports and sightseeing with an amazing weather. It is historically significant place as it served as a battlefield when Shivaji Maharaj fought Kartalab Khan for Umbarkhind in the late 1600s.

  10. 10 Kamshet

    Kamshet is a hill station located at a distance of 52 Kms from Pune. It is famous for its paragliding and flying schools. Surrounded by Western Ghats, this place is regularly featured in the top 10 must visit destinations of India for an adventurous junkie. The place offers some over the top paragliding views here.

    The whole hill station is covered by lush green sunflower fields that are perfect for a view below the sky. Among other important attractions in this region are the Bhairi caves, Bhedsa caves, Khondeshwar temple, Pavana lake and Shinde wadi hills.

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Top 10 Best Tourist Places Near Pune

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