Top 10 Reasons Punjabis choose Canada for Higher Studies

top 10 reasons Punjabis choose Canada for higher studies

Canada is considered to be one of the extremely beautiful places in the world with the most pristine views. Luckily, this country is not only blessed with amazing beauty and the best maple syrup but also with an education system that is ranked among the world’s best. This country is dedicated to providing quality education and is very observant about the choices in education that they make regarding nurturing the learning goodness in Canada. In this blog post, we will illustrate you the top 10 reasons Punjabis choose Canada for higher studies.

Studying abroad is often believed as one of the most incredible life-changing experiences. Canada being a very beautiful and determined country provides the Indian students with a life-enriching experience.

Students from all over Punjab believe that Canada is the land of opportunities and brand new experiences. The fact is that more than half a million of Punjabis are shifted to the North American Country and has significantly created a name for themselves in the world of business, national politics and also as community leaders.

Here are the Top 10 Reasons Punjabis choose Canada for Higher Studies:

1. Personal Development

When we move to a different country in search of opportunities, we often tend to develop ourselves in new horizons which include – personality development, skill development, collect knowledge about the cultures and the new places. Living life on your own and travelling by your own means will crown you with a never before like independence.

2. World Class Educational Institutes

Canada is one of the leading study abroad destinations in the world. The country has the best universities and colleges all inclined towards providing quality education. A Canadian degree or diploma is often compared and considered equivalent to those obtained in Commonwealth countries or the United States. The top-notch education system and a variety of courses to choose from are one of the major top 10 Punjabis choose Canada reasons Punjabis choose Canada for higher studies.

3. Work Permit

The biggest advantage that Canada provides which is often very difficult for students in other countries is that the students can easily obtain a Post-graduate work permit. The work permit is often issued after the completion of the course upon which a maximum of 3 years permit can be given by the country.

4. Better Job Prospects

Punjabis choose Canada The world as we know is a global village and in today’s world people are constantly looking to hire people with more experience and skills. Being an international student opens the gateway to a load of job opportunities.

5. Permanent Residence

This country provides the golden opportunity to grab permanent residency by a skilled Canadian work experience gained through a Post-Graduate Work Permit Program qualified through Canadian Experience Class. Permanent Residence in Canada offers individual major benefits in the long run making it one of the top 10 reasons Punjabis choose Canada for higher studies.

The future of Punjabis and Canada

The future holds a lot in for the Punjabis in a country like Canada as it holds a lot of Punjabi Canadians already and many localities in this country are mostly dedicated to a large number of Punjabi community accommodation.

6. Easy Emigration

The immigration laws in Canada are not as hard as the ones in countries like UK or USA. If you are someone with skills that Canada has in a requirement for, then it will definitely be an easier emigration process.

7. Community

There is already a largely populated community in Canada with acquiring a good population of the Sikhs and Punjabis. Surrey BC in Vancouver is where one-third of the population is Punjabi speaking. This place is also called the ‘South Asian Hearts’. Feeling like home in some other country is one of the most desired things a person can expect and Canada offers you that, making the Punjabi Community established there top 10 reasons Punjabis choose Canada for higher studies.

8. The Language

One fact that might attract people is that Punjabi is a well-spoken language in C Punjabis choose Canada anada and surprisingly, it is the third official language of the country’s parliament after English and French.

9. Promising Future

Most of the Punjabis have been able to build a name for themselves in the country. The Canadian House of Commons has 20 Punjabi speaking members. Even the Defence Minister of the country Harjit Singh Sajjan is Punjabi. If anybody with skills and perseverance tries to live in Canada then dreams can surely be fulfilled, thus a promising future is one of the most primitive top 10 reasons Punjabis choose Canada for higher studies.

10. A Window of Opportunity

Canada is a developed country which indicates directly to more shots for a better tomorrow. Canada is a place where dreams can be fulfilled as most of the variables accountable are favourable for immigrants.

Studying abroad enlightens one in a way like no other. The experiences, the cultural exchange, an incredible adventure, and a window of opportunity awaits you which will truly change lives forever. A promising future awaits in the Country of Canada.

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Top 10 Reasons Punjabis choose Canada for Higher Studies

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