Top 10 Acting Schools in India

top 10 acting schools in india

Who does not dream of following the footsteps of famous artists like Amitabh Bachchan, Madhu Bala, Shahrukh Khan and get a career in a glamour world. Almost 7 out of every 10 individual in India have once in their life dreams about being an actor and many still have that dream for a very long time. If you are really passionate about making a career in acting, here’s the list of some top 10 Acting Schools in India that will help you realize your ultimate and most cherished dream.

  1. Anupam Kher’s Actor Prepares is located in Mumbai and was started by Anupam Kher who himself is a very remarkable artist in 2005. The school stands out among all other acting schools on the fact that it welcomes certain established artists to share their knowledge, tips and insights on the acting career.

    The official website reveals that, “Each student receives individual guidance and counselling from the country’s most successful, trained teacher-actor, Anupam Kher, throughout the programme”. The school offers full time and part time diploma courses with personalised training programs.

    The famous alumni of the school are: Abhishek Bachchan, Deepika Padukone and many more who at this time of the year doesn’t need any introduction on their part.

  2. Barry John Acting Studio was located in Delhi in 1999 first and was shifted to Mumbai in 2003. Barry John is the man behind Shahrukh Khan’s success and for creating his empire in Bollywood as King of Bollywood.

    He started a small training group in Delhi first and is now a renowned Theater teaching director. The courses offered in The barry John studio are certificate in acting, diploma in acting, film arts etc. Famous alumni of the studio are Shahrukh khan, Varun Dhawan, arjun kapoor who are not in any terms stranger to anybody in India.

  3. FIMA is located in Delhi and is a very renowned acting school across India. FIMA Acting Course is unique, designed after extensive industry research, comprehensive and the best acting course available in India.

    FIMA acting course covers all facets of acting and focuses on total development of the students who dream to make it Big in the industry. It will help you discover the latent actor in you by providing appropriate training by well trained professors.

    It provides a 4 month diploma in acting with major training in speech, body movement and dance. Sachin Khurana, kawaljit Singh, Liza Varma  are the famous alumni of FIMA.

  4. Delhi Film Institute is located in Delhi and offers state-of-the-art infrastructure, resources and technology to students. The training is given by some very famous and well trained individuals based on the different capabilities a student have to make them excel in the their field.

    Some of the top recruiters visiting the campus are Aaj Tak, Times Now, IBN 7, News X, Radio City, My FM, Azad News, Red FM, The Pioneer, Dainik Jagran etc.  The courses provided by the institute are :- Camera & Lighting, Non-Linear Editing, Sound Recording, Radio Jockeying, Anchoring & News Reading, Acting for Radio & Television

  5. AAFT is located in Noida and was established in 1993. The academy was sponsored by Asian Society of Film & Television and became the first ever media school in the private sector. AAFT is the first ISO 9001:2000 film school.

    Their campus placement is undeniably famous  for production houses like star plus, zee tv, star news, colors etc visit the school and intake as many candidates possible. It offers regular courses in acting including the famous 3 month vocational course for the students who are short of time and want to pursue acting shortly.

    Diploma in Acting for Film and Television, Acting and Presentation, BSc in Cinema + Graduate Level Diploma in Cinema etc are other courses available here. The famous alumni of the school are Arjun Kapoor, Hasleen Kaur, Kinshuk Mahajan and many more. 

  6. FTII is located in Pune and offers a 2 year post graduate course in acting. It was established in 1960 in Prabhat studios first and was later on introduced as FTII. It holds a rich legacy in providing wonderful acting careers to its students.

    Post graduate courses in cinematography, direction, video editing, acting, art direction etc are some upto the mark courses provided here from highly experienced staff in order to train you with utmost excellence in the acting field.

    Famous alumni of FTII are Jaya Bachchan, Prakash Jha, Sanjay Leela Bhansali which are now at the top of their careers and are well known across the World.

  7. National School of Drama is located in New Delhi and was established in 1959. It is undeniably famous across India as a top acting school run by indian Government. Our very own shining star Nawazuddin Siddiqui who is taking up the Bollywood in the wind is a renowned student of the school.

    The school provides courses like modern Indian drama, Classical Indian drama, yoga, theater music, World drama etc. The famous alumni of the school Om Puri, Anupam Kher, Irrfan Khan who indeed are famous for their commendable acting skills and are known around the World.

    Plzzz attention of me sir…I would like to big in acting and modling field in india.

  8. RK Films and Media Academy is located in New Delhi. R K Films & Media Academy (RKFMA) offers quality training in the studios besides regular modern classroom interactions and practical training with special stress on show cases of legends in the respective media field. 

    The school is very famous for its Film Acting, Digital Still Photography, Sound Recording & Dubbing, Anchoring & Broadcasting, Radio & TV Journalism, Print Journalism courses. The academy also offers a wide range of certificate courses in radio jockeying, anchoring and news reading in association with Delhi university’s colleges.

  9. ZIMA is located in Mumbai and and is run by Zee Network for providing top notch training to students in the acting field. This media school offers cutting-edge technology, a rich wealth of teaching faculty and diverse, updated and relevant courseware to suit individual talents and industry demands.

    The famous courses provided by the institute  are Certificate in Acting, Certificate in Cinematography, Bachelors in Film Making, Certificate in Ad Film Making, Certificate in Executive Production, Hand’s on Film Making, Masters in Film Making, Bachelors in Film Making, Certificate in Direction etc.

    The campus placement includes some major production houses like Zee, Times Now, Ramoji Film City, Vishesh Films, Balaji, Yash Raj Films, MTV, Radio City 91.1 FM, Star Plus which are known to make our future shine better.

    I want to join this college for acting…I am very confident that I will be a good actor… Acting is my passion, my life, it’s not just a acting… It’s defines my life… I want this,but i don’t have contacts and money too… So i didn’t apply for acting….. My goal is always in front of me.. But don’t get the exact path… That i will soon get… If your institute will allow me to do…. Thank you so much…. I think you will accept my appeal

  10. Whistling Woods is located in Mumbai and was established in 2006 by the famous director Subhash Ghai and his team production Mukta Arts. The Hollywood Reporter has named WWI as one of the most famous acting schools across the World.

    The courses provided by the school are diversified into allied fields like animation, media & entertainment, communication and fashion. It also provides a one year training in the acting field for those who want to try their luck in acting career but are not so sure about pursuing it after that.

    BA in acting, screenwriting, in acting, arts are also the famous courses of the school. Kavan Ahalpara, Shashank Khaitan  are the famous alumni of the school and are very famous directors known across India.

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Top 10 Acting Schools in India

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