Top 5 Tips for Getting High Paying Job at Dubai Airport

Tips for Getting High Paying Job at Dubai Airport

Being one of the richest cities in the World, Dubai is an amazing place to settle in. Be its lavish lifestyle, the beautiful landscapes, cost of living, Dubai’s economy keeps on advancing at a rapid rate. You can actually make a ton of money in Dubai with a right job at the right place. Well, for your utmost convenience, we have curated some tips for getting high paying job at Dubai Airport.

Top 5 tips for getting high paying jobs at Dubai Airport :

1. Sharing pleasantries:
If you haven’t connected with some of your social contacts for a while, now would be the right time. You could share New Year greetings and retouch with your former colleagues and business contacts. This would give you a window to ask for any openings in their firm or references they can offer.

2. Update your social media feeds:
The first thing any prospective recruiter checks after going through your resume is your social media page and LinkedIn profile. Keep them clean of any new year celebration feeds you might have uploaded during the holidays. After all, it is not wise to lose an interview opportunity because of some embarrassing post you made last week.
Social media can be used as a tool to project you as a professional. Share relevant stories about the industry you belong to, tweet interesting updates regarding the job profile you are seeking and also share healthy opinions about current topics to look relevant.

3. Touch base with companies:
One of the exceptions tips for getting high paying job at Dubai Airport is to touch base with companies. Companies do fill in some positions as the New Year starts, so pay attention to all the feeds the companies post online across platforms. Check on their official websites for any impromptu job openings. Also, try to establish a connection with the hiring manager at the company you are eyeing for opportunities. If they seem friendly, you could pursue them in future. But don’t stalk them and close your options to get considered.

4. Get yourself an agent:
If you are looking at entering a new industry, relocating to a new country or been away from the job market for many years, it would be a sensible decision to hire an agent for yourself. These executives will position you correctly in the job market, share recent salary trends and bring you the right opportunity. If you already have an agent, now would be a good time to reconnect with him so that your name is on top of his mind if a relevant offer comes up.

5. Be your salesman:
Selling yourself without sounding boastful is an art and mastering it would take you a long way. The major game changing move could be putting yourself out there – attending various social gatherings, other events, job fairs, and even business family gatherings, because no business or job is successful without social interactions. Talk to friends about your expectations and ask them to toss openings they come across.

On top of all these tips for getting high paying job at Dubai Airport, don’t forget to stay positive in spite of slow days or no email replies as right opportunities will knock on your door in due time.

Do chcek out our blog post for common mistakes everyone does to get a job in Dubai.

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Top 5 Tips for Getting High Paying Job at Dubai Airport

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