3 Days Romantic Getaway

romantic getaway

Fancy a Romantic Getaway to the most enchanting location in India? Well, this is the ultimate deal for you to grab on. Enjoy the ultimate getaway of your lifetime away from all the city chaos in the lap of Himalayas. The paramount abode amidst the hills of Himalayas, just outside Shimla is awaiting for your arrival. So, read on to find out more about your dream romantic destination that too in our incredible India.

Looking out for the unique blend of luxury and nature that too within a reasonable price? Well, this deal will offer you all. From the amazing sightseeing itinerary to the grab worthy inclusions and a pinch of adventure activities, what else does the travel enthusiast in you demands?

A location where the traditional pinewood houses merge with the 21st century’s design and comfort is what we are offering for your incredible holiday getaway. Intrigued much? Well, first look out for our amazing sightseeing itinerary:

1. The Mall Road

slider3-7-1024x358 3 Days Romantic GetawayComing to the most beautiful destination in the entire Himachal, the “Queen of Hills”, Shimla, you won’t ever be disappointed with its beauty. Take a stroll in the famous Shimla Mall Road, a heavenly shopping hub. The place is famous for it’s over the top little theme centric cafes, clubs, restaurants and the most unique emporiums for handicrafts. You won’t ever get tired of exploring the mall road amidst an amazing crowd. The evening weather, a hot coffee or cold ice cream in the chilly winds. What else does an amazing travel destination sounds like? Read on for much more to enjoy on the itinerary.

2. The Shimla Ridge and the Christ Church

slider3-7-1024x358 3 Days Romantic GetawayRidge is the most famous place in Shimla to explore. Situated at the top of the mall road, the Ridge offers you a picturistic view of the entire hill station in all its glory. Do not miss a chance to visit the most famous Church in Shimla situated on the Ridge itself. Some say Lord fulfills your every wish if you pray with all your heart in the Church. Believe me or not, it won’t hurt to try it out. Scandal Point, Gaiety Theatre, Town hall are the other amazing attractions near Mall Road and The Ridge to enjoy leisure time.

3. Ropeway to Jakhoo Hill

slider3-7-1024x358 3 Days Romantic GetawaySituated at the altitude of about 2455 m on top of sea level, Jakhoo Hill in Shimla is a must-visit destination. The Rope Way to Jakhoo Temple leading up to the top of the hill might be your best experience of the entire magnificent Shimla. It is no less than a ride in the air itself. Visit the Jakhoo Temple, seek the blessings of Lord Hanuman and even get a chance to get a picture taken with lots and lots of monkeys. It is the most auspicious pilgrim destination in Shimla with a 108 feet tall Lord Hanuman Statue. Seems like fun right? Wait till you visit it.

4. Johnnie’s Wax Museum

slider3-7-1024x358 3 Days Romantic GetawayMost of us might not get time to visit the most famous wax museum in the World, Madame Tussaud in London. But, for Shimla tourism has made it possible and have bring the same replica to us. The Wax museum in Shimla is like 2 Kms from the mall road and will offer an exact personification of the original Madame Tussauds. Who needs to visit London when you can visit Shimla?

5. Ice Skating Rink and the Indian Institute of Advanced Studies

slider3-7-1024x358 3 Days Romantic GetawayNot very far from the Shimla Mall road is an ice skating ring for all the snow adventure lovers. You can actually wish your own serendipity in the ice skating rink. Thousands of visitors travel to Shimla to enjoy these amazing snow sports. Do remember to visit Indian Institute of Advanced Studies, the former summer retreat of Indian President. It is one of the most beautiful architectural sites in our country passed onto the coming generation as a center of advanced humanity and art studies by the president Dr. Radhakrishnan.

6. Kufri

slider3-7-1024x358 3 Days Romantic GetawayNext on your itinerary list is the very famous Kufri. The winter wonderland, a small district near Shimla is a sight to behold. Visit the adventure park in Kufri or just roll in and out with the snow sports, skiing your way through or go tobogganing, you won’t ever get tired of the beauty of the place. Do remember to bring your warmest of clothes though. You can even take up a hike to the Mashu Peak, the famous hiking place uphill and bask in the beauty of nature.


  • Duration- 2Nights/3Days
  • Destination- Outside Shimla
  • Price- INR 15,000 per head
  • Return cab fares
  • Breakfast and dinner
  • Amazing luxurious resort stay

slider3-7-1024x358 3 Days Romantic GetawayA Glimpse of Luxury Pinewood Resort for a Relaxing Stay:

slider3-7-1024x358 3 Days Romantic GetawayLeisure Activities You Can Enjoy At The Luxurious Resort ( prices excluding from the package):

1. Nature walks and hiking:

slider3-7-1024x358 3 Days Romantic GetawayYou can enjoy the perfect leisure walks or hikes with family, friends or guided groups to the picturistic views of meadows and hillside parks in the endless trails the resort offers and bask in the beauty of Himalayas

2. Wildlife spotting

slider3-7-1024x358 3 Days Romantic GetawayYou can actually spot amazing wildlife even a mile from the resort. There is a huge variety of birdlife, such as kalij pheasants, peacocks, Western tragopans, parrots, nightingales, owls, pigeons and eagles, and a great many animal species nearby, including leopards, mountain goats, foxes, barasinghas, and barking deers.

3. Forest picnics, camping, and bonfires

slider3-7-1024x358 3 Days Romantic GetawayThe resort offers sumptuous picnics just outside the resort amidst the breathtaking meadows. Enjoy leisure time with your other half sipping drinks and overlooking the sunsets in the Himalayas. Later on, you can enjoy the bonfire on demand and dance your way through the crowd- The ultimate stress buster.

4. Biking

slider3-7-1024x358 3 Days Romantic GetawayYou guys can rent mountain bikes the resort offers and make your way to the lap of the Himalayas in the most enthralling journey. The place outside the resort is blessed with amazing cycling trails to enjoy your time with your other half and forget all the worries.

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3 Days Romantic Getaway

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