15 Best Vegan Makeup Brands

best vegan makeup brands

Today, every girl has a desire to look classy & beautiful without affecting the skin. Do you think it is possible with cruelty-free makeup? Of-course, yes. The cosmetic industry is flooded with endless beauty products. But, it doesn’t mean there is no place to buy the natural blusher, concealer, eyeliner, lipstick to satisfy the intent of beauty conscious minds. If you are the person who found nothing vegan in the makeup pouch, you are at the right place. Before checking the bucket list of best vegan makeup brands, few factors need to be considered.

Cosmetics are flooded in the market that desperately fools people with carbon prints. These products which we actually use in our daily lives are laden with high-toxic chemicals. According to the research of Reading University, cancerous lumps are most likely appear in the female breast with the use of aluminum-based antiperspirants. Not only this, but other studies also show mournful concern regarding the trigger mechanism of aluminum is linked to Alzheimer’s disease, breast cancer, asthma-like symptoms.

Wondering, your favorite brand is cruelty-free? That’s why some of our niche brands have been narrowed down for you that you might not grab yet in your makeup bag. So go ahead & save yourself by acquainted with the most beloved best vegan makeup brands based on your personal beliefs.

Here is the list of 15 Best Vegan Makeup Brands:

1. The Body Shop

The Body Shop strives to create a pleasing experience on the beautiful planet with its wide range of vegan makeup brands. They always believe in the power of beauty and maintains a ‘VALUES CHAIN’ to protect the bunnies from animal testing. Their action speaks louder with the brand and makes customers addicted to using shower gels, body milk, lip balm, eye pencil, paraben-free shampoo.

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2. Disguise Cosmetics

Disguise Cosmetics set a high bar to feel good, do good & look good with 100% ultra-comfort, vegan matte lipsticks, intense kajal, blend perfector. India’s first Inde makeup for the very first time proves that the flaunting look of real women can’t be judged by labels.

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3. NYX Cosmetics

NYX professional makeup has a beautiful tagline – Make Today Your Witch. The one-show store, offering an extensive list for fashion-obsessed people that profoundly want to get an amaze of one of the best vegan makeup brands. Never miss out to check the makeup line, concealer jar, high glossy liquid lipsticks, Jet black eyebrow pencil, delivers high-grade in quality.

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4. Too Faced Cosmetics

Too Faced has become a pioneer in the beauty industry, the manufacturer of groundbreaking cruelty-free makeup has the goodness of Paris. A Boutique brand for women who love to wear eyeshadow, foundation, liquified long-lasting matte lipstick with the buzz of UNIQUENESS.

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5. Urban Decay

Urban Decay, the badass vegan international cosmetic brand, is perfect to look something pretty different. Their smudge-proof eye-makeup is one of the best-selling vegan makeup brands for getting a pop-up effect which you may never experience before.

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6. Iba Cosmetics

Discover the Iba products for achieving the skin and lip rejuvenation. The Halal & PETA certified brand comes up with a new range of cosmetics with a blend of pure ingredients and is one of the best vegan makeup brands. Say ‘NO’ to parabens, alcohol, chemical testing to feel the difference in your everyday look.

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7. Milani

Tired of chapped lips? Let’s bring magic in your life with extra glossy, color pop lipstick from Milani, a game-changer to offer you next-level results. Shop highly nutritious skincare products, screen queen foundation for one-step level up in feminism.

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8. Ruby’s Organics

There is no comparison of simple, but royal makeover. Ruby’s Organics is an Indian product that supports Indian textures & tone with no ifs and buts. Ranging of clean makeup staples for parties, family events & regular wear.

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9. Bon Organics

Your skin deserves purity, which is seen in the nature-based Bon Organics personal care products. Hit the store. Here, you can find the latest and trendy which means Everything, without burning a hole in your pocket.

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10. Tarte Cosmetics

Tarte Cosmetics is specially formulated with natural ingredients to make women glamorous all day and night. From concealers, bronzers, highlighters, mascara, everything is listed under one-roof and is one of the best vegan makeup brands, sought after by a host of women.

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11. SoulTree

SoulTree is the reliable choice to feel the goodness of ayurvedic herbs in certified beauty care & personal wellness products. Whether you are in a hurry and have a desire strong desire to see yourself in party avatar, their vegan eyeshadow palettes to BB creams applied in one-go.

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12. Swiss Beauty

Swiss Beauty is the rapidly growing beauty brand captivates the women’s attention from a vast selection of kits, accessories available at unbeatable prices.

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13. Huda Beauty

The creator of Huda Beauty is the prominent award-winning beauty blogger Huda Kattan. The #1 brand sells all kinds of makeup hacks in which matte-glossy lipstick is up to the mark.

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14. Kat Von D

Kat Von D provides complete freedom to choose prismatic highlighters, waterproof liners with zero dissatisfaction. The artistic-style iconic brand can bring your boldest self and realize for biggest challenges.

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15. Paul Penders

Paul Penders can add a colorful twist in your lost-lustrous skin. They manufacture a comprehensive list of natural make-ups that are vegan-friendly for spa lovers and babies. No doubt, the formulation of an exclusive herbal recipe may costs you high, true for the quality.

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15 Best Vegan Makeup Brands

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