10 Best Security Guard Companies in Houston, TX

Best Security Guard Companies in Houston

In the era of digitalization, traditional security – locks and keys are not just enough for protecting the workplace, especially when threats are becoming worse and even more complex. With the growing number of digital technologies, businesses need to be smarter and go beyond prevention techniques for the sake of work safety. With our blog post, we will cater to the needs of all the customers looking out for the best security guard companies in Houston.

Security must be at the center to avoid carefulness, which we do in our day-to-day life. Talking about the rat-race for creating an Uber Clone in the industry demands peer-pressure & thousands of frills for producing uniqueness. In this case, shoddy codes & absent-mindedness is the biggest threat that can directly put you in the lion’s den.

Being an entrepreneur, you may not prioritize gaining profits. But, safety is the real asset over speed & agility. It can help you to become a sustainable businessperson. Not only this, from financial institutions, retailers, schools, banks, shopping plazas to hospitals, there is an urge of professional security officers to address this situation at a faster pace. In the buzz of the internet, it would be excusable to say – no guard near me. Before stacking vague assumptions about the best security guard companies in Houston, TX – whether to provide tailored-made security solutions, chat support, exceptional protection. The better way is to look forward and figure out all the companies to come to any conclusion.

Here is the list of 10 Best Security Guard Companies in Houston, Texas:

1. Johnson Security Patrol

Johnson Security Patrol is the fastest-growing security contractor or guard company, serves over 50 years of experience in specialized niches from professional transport, patrol, guard, and protective services. The company is duly licensed by the Texas Department of Public Safety.

Johnson Security Patrol strives to create a first-class impression with peace of mind. The customers can enjoy the free service in the very first month and can utilize customer support at fair prices.

2. Champion Security Agency

With state-of-the-art, Champion Security Agency is one of the best security guard companies in Houston, TX that offers proud ownership in safety & investigation services. CSA’s mission is to provide tireless 24/7 support in the most famous surrounding areas, including Spring, Woodland, Conroe, the Galleria. The Texas-based contractor proffers reliable Bodyguards, Private Inspectors, Armed & Unarmed Guards, Armed/Unarmed Patrol guards to enrich the customer experience with high-grade facilities.

At CSA (Champion Security Agency), client satisfaction is a fruitful advantage. It gives flexible & customized security solutions, well-trained security agents with exceptional management at the most affordable range.

3. Twin City Security

Twin City Security takes pride in providing a wide array of tailored-made secret guard services in Texas, including top-class metro areas: Colorado, Kansas, Missouri, Minnesota, etc.

Apart from astonishing facilities, Twin City Security sets a budget-friendly bar to retain long-term relationships with its clients. The service provider engaged in the business for over 46 years that means a strong foundation equals transparency, confidentiality in regards to taking unparalleled performance.

4. Western Eagle Security

Western Eagle Security is another one of the best security guard companies in Houston, TX, showing a full-gratitude in solving any problem related to criminal activities. When it comes to handling internal matters, W.E security guarantees to maintain the secret information and always keep professionalism in mind.

W.E Security takes pleasure in creating broad partnerships with clients and tries to resolve the critical issues of schools, office buildings, warehouses, shopping centers, museums & many more.

5. SGSS (Societe Generale Securities Services)

SGSS is an international standard management & security service provider, believes in innovation to feel customers one step ahead in the business all across the world. SGSS provides endless results to diversified banking models, tech-geeks which work well in terms of overcoming the burden of regulatory change.

They have a unique team of workforce, security guards proficient in making a quick response & available on shift-basis to help customers to schedule booking based on their personal choice.

6. Blue Knight Security

With over 30+ experience assisting in the security company, Blue Knight is one of the most sought after best security guard companies in Houston, Tx. Blue Knight always stood first in skillful training, acquired by a team of security guards. The manufacturer for deploying the most effective security patrol tools at low-cost. It also offers a welcome note to the public for taking part in the Ontario training programs from the comfort zones.

Amateur-Based, locally-owned safety suppliers come up with an extensive range of in-house security consulting in which clients may get excellent customer support at a competitive price bracket.

7. Ranger Guards & Investigations

Explore Ranger Security, is a fully-operated, Texas-owned company that provides complimentary safety services to commercial, industrial, agencies, professional organizations all over the state.

The founder and president have more than 15 yrs of experience. Even, they have a certified group of safety practitioners who have been tested according to the expected requirements & compliance with all sorts of safety regulations.

8. Spartan Security

Spartan Security created ground-breaking records in secret police investigation. Founded in 1958, take over by Atalian Global Services in 2017. Today, it is renowned by the Atalian Security, offering an unparalleled security consultancy to malls, public venues, commercial real estate properties and ranks high on the list of best security guard companies in Houston.

Atalian Security focuses on customer reputation and provides the fastest delivery with no ifs and buts. The main aim of the company is to build an ultimate safety for the favorable customers’ demand for transparency and quality.

9. International Security

International Security is a reliable, trustworthy platform that takes credibility in presenting outstanding 24/7 security patrols and security guards services. The brand was launched by the Robert Huet in Houston, Texas, in the year of 1979.

Many of their professionals obtain vast knowledge in law enforcement and the military sector for fulfilling the security needs. Their strong commitment proves that the size of the company doesn’t matter for the International Security team.

10. S.E.A.L Security

S.E.A.L accompanies useful tactics to fight against the most destructive matters. The homeland of security patrol services, security officers provides convenience to the clients’ who want to protect their valuable resources as well as staff from severe injury or loss.

In our world today, with the looming threats of terrorism & piracy, S.E.A.L Security has made several advanced safety protocols for the prevention of counter-terrorism & looting. The dedicated continuous support & deployment facility from the manufacturer provides surety in any logistic operation.


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10 Best Security Guard Companies in Houston, TX

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