5 Reasons to Buy Honda WR-V

5 reasons to buy honda wr-v

Honda WR-V is the finest city car that can turn into an occasional off-roader at the driver’s will. The car has no direct rival around the price point as Honda avoids using the boxy SUV stance for a product that actually cannot fit into the definition. There is an unlimited number of reasons why this car is a value for money, though, we will essentially dwell on the 5 reasons to buy Honda WR-V. The compact dimensions, impressive ground clearance, and premium Honda interior finish can attract more buyers than certain crossovers with just cladding on the hatchback body. Here, the differences between Jazz and WR-V are crystal clear.

Here are 5 reasons to buy Honda WR-V 2019 in India:

1. Electric Sunroof

The airy feel that comes through a sunroof makes WR-V an exclusive option for the buyers. Most cars miss this important feature while others that offer charge too much than expected. The top-spec model at INR 9,17,050 for the petrol and INR 10,30,050 for the diesel clears the fact that freedom inside the car requires no special investments.

2. Touchscreen Infotainment with Navigation / Internal Storage

The infotainment system on Honda WR-V comes with a 17.7cm touchscreen with navigation, dual USB ports, HDMI port, and dual micro SD slots. The steering mounted buttons help the driver keep 100% attention on the road. Four speakers and two tweeters, Bluetooth telephony and 1.5GB of internal memory are noteworthy additions. It is one of the most vital 5 reasons to buy Honda WR-V considering its competitors in the Indian market.

3. Automatic Climate Control with Touch Panel

The climate control system on the Honda WR-V not just keep the passengers happy, but looks equally good to the eye. The touch controls are impressive and white-backlit feature makes them feel premium instead of a cluster of buttons on regular cars.

4. Powerful Engines

The 1.2L, four-cylinder petrol engine on the Honda WR-V is good for 90 HP and 110 Nm while the 1.5L, a four-cylinder diesel engine is even better with 100 HP and 200 Nm. The first engine is great for those who ride within the city for the maximum time while latter serves as a great highway sprinter with effortless overtaking capabilities. A powerful engine with powerful power coefficients is one of the important 5 reasons to buy Honda WR-V also considering its splendid design.

5. Reliable Safety Package

Honda WR-V comes with dual airbags, ABS with EBD, multi-view rear camera with three different views, defogger, seat belt reminder, day/night IRVM and key-off reminder. The ACE body structure is also tagged as the backbone of a complete safety package by Honda.

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5 Reasons to Buy Honda WR-V

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