5 Reasons to Buy Honda City

5 reasons to buy Honda City

Honda City is the first choice of buyers who are looking for a balanced equation with style and reliability. The sedan is placed in such a way that even the base model buyers are amazed by the number of options present with them. However, the top-spec models are available with features that were earlier limited to the premium sedans only. We have specifically designed 5 reasons to buy Honda City in the year 2019, essentially dwelling on the powerful performance, splendid design and the value for money.

Here are the 5 reasons to buy Honda City 2019 in India:

1. Six-Airbag Safety Shield

Why compromise when you can get an additional safety feature that not just secures the first row passengers, but all your loved on the rear seat? Honda City comes with 6-airbags, ABS with EBD and rear parking kit with a camera (three settings) and sensors.

2. Powerful LED Headlights

The availability of LED headlights, that too with a powerful and focused beam in comparison to most other options, make Honda City a great option for those who travel at night. The white illumination highlights the objects in a more natural tone compared to the regular yellow halogen headlights.

3. Leather Interiors

The luxurious feel on the Honda City touches all-new level with the leather seats, steering wheel cover and gear shift section. The car still offers a single color option in terms of leather seats. Honda may introduce multiple shades in the coming updates. The range of Honda City starts at INR 9.70 lakh, going all the way up to INR 14.05 lakh. Intriguing interiors that shrieks of luxury makes it one of the best 5 reasons to buy Honda City.

4. Lifestyle-Enhancing Features

2019 Honda City comes with smart trunk lock, cruise control, smart key, automatic climate control with a touch panel, customizable door locking, paddle shift on the CVT variant, auto headlights, auto-dimming IRVM and much more.

5. Refined Engine/Gearbox Combinations

Honda City can be bought with a 1.5L diesel engine with 100 HP of maximum power and 200 Nm of torque. Those looking for performance may not find this useful and consider the 1.5L petrol motor with 119 HP and 145 Nm. This engine can also be had with a CVT gearbox with 7-step paddle shifter. Powerful performance and better power coefficients has made them some of the best 5 reasons to buy Honda City.

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5 Reasons to Buy Honda City

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