Tips For Travelling While Working a 9-5 Job

Travelling While Working

Feeding your travelling while working a 9 to 5 job might be challenging and overwhelming, but its is not at all impossible. Taking a vacation from reality is a must and doing so with a full time job and a family to take care of seems rather absurd. But let me tell you, there are ways which can make the ghost of unconquered travel plans go away and help you relax by securely keeping your job with you.

Everybody wish to quit their job at one time and follow the expedition to travel the World but everyone indeed come back to their senses that it is quite impossible if you need to sustain yourself and even your family.

Being depressed about all the plans you made in the past is no longer going to be a problem. Here are some way to make your travel dreams a reality without an irrational decision of quitting your job:-



  1. The weekend is a word not less than soothing music to the ears for every working individual and making it more fun is to plan your vacation during it. Make proper plans with budgets under check of where you wish to go and leave as soon as your working week gets over.

    You can even extend your weekend by taking a leave or a personal day and make the most of the three days exploring and feeding your soul with the place you always wish to travel. Planning on the long weekend scan save you the leave which can come handy in the future.

    Nothing compares to a true weekend escape to your favorite destination. The peace and relaxation is also going to make you hate your work much less.

  2. Taking advantage of your holiday breaks is one thing every travel enthusiast needs to learn. Plan your travelling between holidays from work like Diwali or Christmas break. You can make the most out of it if you plan it beforehand as flights at this time are way expensive.

    This is the best way to feed your travel bug and be with the family at the same time. There are many tourist destinations that allows you a great peace of mind with great food and ambience too waiting just for you to book. The job is secure and you got to travel where you desired, it is a win win situation.

  3. The most effective and secure way to enjoy some place without facing the wrath of your boss by taking a leave unexpectedly is to extend your work trips and exploring the city with your colleagues. It is the best way for team building with an additional perk of enjoying the place and its leisure activities.

    You can also volunteer yourself for attending the conferences out of the city which will reflect your good work ethics and will also provide you the opportunity to see a place that too on office money.

  4. For a good negotiator with ultimate pleasing personality, travelling is somewhat easy. You can negotiate with your employers for extra paid leaves even if you have the idea that this is not going to happen.

    A good negotiation can take you places. You can assure them quality work before deadlines and additional helping around with some overtime here and there and just impress them for allowing you a leave or two.

    Put it with a weekend, pack your bags and just let the wind take you where your heart desires. A great time to ask for leave is just after you've scored one for your team or otherwise proven yourself to be a valuable employee.

  5. Unpaid vacation is not everybody’s cup of tea but if your soul feeds on travel more than money, than go for it. You can take an unpaid vacation anywhere you wanted to go with some bucks that too under budget which you have been saving for travelling for a long time.

    You need to have good connections with your boss and apply for it beforehand so that no work can be interrupted and all the paperwork and your temporary replacement is hired. Make sure you come with a full blast to take upon your work and impress your boss with it.

  6. You need to experience every travel system and your bucket list isn’t anywhere complete if all of the travelling systems are not on it. I mean, go to a train station and let the life on wheels take you somewhere unexpected.

    You can do this adventure with a friend on the weekend and make your to come at time for the office next day. The same tactics with a bus or auto stand maker you feel how much there is to see even locally and allows you to enrich your travel life.

  7. Getting a job that involves travelling as a part of your work is the ultimate goal of travel enthusiasts. Become an international journalist, an air hostess, travel guide, courier or international sales person or even a travel blogger that allows you to feed your soul for travelling acute places and explore their lifestyle.

    Reviewing the country or a city can even get you a promotion or the career advancement you have always been hoping for. Don’t stress, just leave, explore and write.

  8. Travelling on a weekend or on holiday time is always best and booking a connecting flight with a some 4-5 hours lay over is an additional advantage. You can get to explore the place where you have a flight layover may be for a small time but is is worthy enough to explore and tick your bucket list of travel. The connecting flights are also somewhat cheap leaving you with an additional budget to explore any place else.

  9. When you have a tight work schedule, this comes in handy. You can team up with certain NGO’s and work for the welfare of the society. Joining NGO’s allows you to visit even remote areas of your local city and take an insight into their worlds. Being useful to the society and getting a pass to explore the place, what is much better than that?

  10. This doesn’t mean quit your job and take your lifetime vacation. It simply means explore the world daily. There are many places you haven’t seen in your city or many places locally or just outside it. Plan your evening with your friends and explore these areas or if you are a lone wolf, go alone. The traveller’s soul is never satisfied but exploring every single thing, a restaurant or a museum in your city might help a bit.

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Tips For Travelling While Working a 9-5 Job

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