10 best video editing apps

Best Video Editing Apps

In the trend of smartphones, A big thanks to the app developers who make it possible for us to create video-editing content with glitching effects, texts, music, blur background in a single tap. We are so lucky that video-editing apps wind up the need of hiring a professional photographer, a videographer that costs a lot of pennies for making high-quality videos.

There is a plethora of both paid and free best video editing apps are available on Google Store or the App Store for DIY video production, which is so cool for adding spice in our life. Talk about the Tik-Tok fever hooked up in India, notably for showing diversified content through videos. Apart from that, few other apps like Instagram, Twitter, Youtube & Whatsapp also create a WoW statement in promoting self-brand with a captivating listicle.

When it comes to downloading the latest video-editor application in smartphones, a lot of people worried about the virus, memory shortage & hanging problem that is anyhow true in the case of choosing bad quality apps. To address this situation, We come up with the top-notch one of the best video editing apps that flawlessly supports Android, Ipad & iPhones. Even, the enlisted apps are so powerful & convenient for pitching video-shooting passion, at a faster pace.

1. Adobe Premiere Rush

Adobe Premiere Rush is one of the best video editing apps for sharing and creating free short videos online. A newbie who just make an entry in video-blogging, it’s time to boast the insights amidst taking access to full stream. People who spend most of the time on Snapchat & Instagram should consider the spectacular free video editing software for all devices – Android, macOS, Windows, iOS.

Adobe Premiere Rush features professional templates, color effects, in-built camera for taking pro-quality videos on mobile phones. The app supports a 4G connection that is perfect for editing audio, graphics, and motion. The multi-track editor provides you direct access for processing the video-clips faster on all social networks.

2. FilmoraGo

FilmoraGo is the free video editor that you can prefer for more fun. The android based all-in-one professional video maker supports multiple languages & offers fantastic features likewise, rotate, crop, adjust, pip, transition, music, trim, etc.

The great thing about the FilmoraGo is no watermark stamping will display at the end of the video. All you need to follow the three simple steps & wait for uploading the fully-featured videos, photos in your albums, Facebook, Instagram, or gallery. Always try to pick a unique theme with the use of filters, titles, music & transition directly present in the application.

3. LumaFusion

LumaFusion 2.0 is specifically designed for the iPhone or iPad users that can get a pack of more punch through its amazing features. An aesthetic new UI, user-friendly detailed user guide makes it one of the best video editing apps for professional filmmakers, amateur video producers.

The simple-start timeline helps individuals in creating video/audio tracks with a wide array of aspect ratios. The captured photo can be transformed with dozens of transitions, sound effects, graphics & titles. Never miss its drag & drop function, which is crucial for importing files from cloud storage, SMB network drives, SanDisk iXpand flash drivers.

4. VideoShow

VideoShow movie-maker/video-maker is well-known for beautifying the slideshows with trendy filters, FX, sound effects, music, memes, stickers, pictures. Furthermore, it provides a recorder for adding a twist in live dubbing, vlogging & funny videos.

With over 50 themes, minimizing the size of compressed video is a single-handed game. You can set up the time duration and can adjust the background, audio speed based on your choice. Similarly, VideoShow is amazing for all android devices because the video soundtrack is quickly converted to mp3.

5. Kinemaster

Kinemaster is packed with high-end features such as voiceovers, blending modes, multiple video layers, chroma key, transitions, special effects, and many more. Kinemaster gives quick access to masses with having android and iPhones.

The app is remarkably free and safe to download. Your go-to one of the best video editing apps combined with a fully-functional customized interface, including a broad list of features to enrich the experience in video creation. Not only this, lots of people already have access to go live on Youtube, Instagram, TikTok. It includes regular-use features like precise volume control, multiple layers of videos, instant preview features for shaping the outbreaking video recording story.

6. VivaVideo

Vivavideo aims to raise fan-following all over the world. The brand has satisfied with over 200 million users who want to promote their talent and share their stories on distinct social networking sites. Due to the availability of hundreds of effects, stickers, animated, subtitles, one can produce the slideshow & slow-motion video without affecting the quality.

Whether you want to combine two or more photographs or cut the size of the video, Vivavideo will provide you full-control and gives a joyous feeling. Discover the collage templates and themes that can be easily accessible with free inbuilt functions.

7. Movie Maker

Movie Maker is a worthwhile option for making Instagram videos in square-shape format. The free pack may irritate you with ads that you can ignore in terms of maintaining a good focus while creating the animated motion track videos.

A plethora of filters, cinematic effects, text animation, stickers are given for making music slideshows. The diverse backgrounds of Movie Maker add a charm in thousands of clips. So, what is your story? Let’s people know your true creativity & cherished movements with video.

8. Magisto Video Editor & Maker

Before enrolling in the video profession, there is an urge to download the Magisto smart video maker from Google Play Store. The fastest way to leverage your skills with Do It Yourself. If you are the person who gets bored from writing thousands of data manually, it’s high-time to bring business potential with video revolution.

After acquiring this effective tool, you can gain traffic on your social sites. Being a digital marketer, you should never forget the power of the audience that is utterly important for taking better results in storytelling. Magisto video app powered by AI that can aid you in generating around 300+ leads in email-click through rates. One of the best video editing apps for business persons seeking computerized video editor and video marketing distribution platform.

9. Funimate

Empowers your imagination with Funimate that doesn’t need special training for composing fun videos. You have to throw the everyday moments right in the app and immediately share on your favorite social channels to get more hits.

It has a maximum of 100 advanced video filters that means there is no chance of imperfection. What’s more, the short video loops are easy to edit & offers saving option to recall the memories again & again. With one sign-up, you can connect with other followers directly from the app, which is a good option for making new connections along with video launch.

10. Quik

An awesome video with just a few taps is the fruitful task for spreading awareness regarding video content is on the rise. The Quick app allows you to add up to 75 video clips, photos from albums, gallery, dropbox. It can fetch the GoPro footage and even detects the colors and faces present in the frame.

Quick ensure an accurate layout with a perfect adjustment that you can choose according to your style. With 23 themes, each graphics and transitions fit for celebrating a special occasion with glee & laughter.

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10 best video editing apps

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