Top Haveli Restaurants In India

Top Haveli Restaurants In India


Asking any Punjabi foodie or even a non foodie about a perfect place to enjoy authentic punjabi food and culture, the answer is always the same- visit HAVELI. Now many of you have already got your taste buds gone crazy with the mention of this name, and for those who doesn’t have any idea what HAVELI is let me give you an insight.

Haveli restaurants are every foodies dream come true. Delicious, mouth watering cuisines, perfect punjabi ambience with a touch of punjabi history and culture, songs that can make you remember what Punjab is all about, is what in short Haveli restaurants are. They are the epitome of tasty food with a touch of culture that are bound to make you forget all your diet plans.

“Haveli” meaning a big palatial house with all the possible facilities available at that point of time and was commonly known as the rich mans house.

Haveli is more than just a restaurant, it is a gateway to the culture of Punjab.

List Of Top Haveli Restaurants In India :-



  1. Virasat-Haveli Top Haveli Restaurants In India

    Virasat Haveli is situated at G.T.Road on the outskirts of holy city Amritsar famous for sanctum sanctorum "The Golden Temple". It is the largest “ Punjabi Theme” restaurant in Amritsar. The food here is literally authentic and so much delicious that it will leave you in a food coma for several days. If you visited Punjab and didn’t visit this place, you are in for a big loss. The hospitality of the Virasat Haveli is quite extravagant and the rooms are designed for that perfect end of the day much needed relaxation. The major fun experience here besides the obvious great food is they offer you horse riding adventures. The ancient architecture is perfect to attract the tourists. This place is a must visit in your bucket list.

  2. Virasat-Haveli Top Haveli Restaurants In India

    This Haveli is located at the outskirts of Jalandhar and there is no place like it to satisfy your punjabi food craving. The theme of the restaurant perfectly defines the culture of Punjab with food to die for. The restaurant offers various other cuisines besides the authentic punjabi cuisine too. The staff dressed in traditional Punjabi attire ensure that every guest has a pleasant experience to take back home. The ambience of this restaurant with a crowd so amazing truly depicts the splendour of Punjab. 

  3. Virasat-Haveli Top Haveli Restaurants In India

    This might be the one of the best Haveli restaurants out there. The Rangla Punjab is situated in jalandhar and is the house to all the traditional punjabi cultural activities. The food here is going to make your taste buds crazy with flavour and the fun activities are the perfect resort for a family outing or a picnic. The activities that are bound to mesmerize you ranges from magic shows, folk dances to all the cultural event and even a camel ride. If you wish to get acquainted with Punjab all at once, this is the must place to visit. 

  4. Virasat-Haveli Top Haveli Restaurants In India

    Mannat Haveli is located in Murthal and is one of the most famous as it falls on the highway to Delhi and attracts a lots of tourists. The haveli theme is inspired by the old traditions and cultures of Punjab. The lip smacking food is served in those authentic aluminium thalis that tastes divine. The ambience of the place is quite extraordinary and full with punjabi culture. The waiters wear traditional punjabi clothes and the seating areas includes the old times barn beds with folk dancers to entertain you. The restaurant includes several other cuisines too. The lassi and paranthas are to die for. 

  5. Virasat-Haveli Top Haveli Restaurants In India

    Heritage Haveli is located in Ropar, Punjab. The haveli is known for its extravagant ambience and hospitality. The food served inside the restaurant is purely authentic with punjabi flavours to die for. The aura of the place clearly depicts the punjabi culture with those folk songs playing, waiters serving in traditional attire, the old brick architecture and much more. The haveli is also an house to the coffee shop CCD whose cappuccino can make you stress free and a snacks bar at the front that serves every indian cuisine. There is also a gift shop to shop souvenirs for your loved ones. The room service is quite good and exceptional too. 

  6. Virasat-Haveli Top Haveli Restaurants In India

    Haveli in Dharampur is your favourite destination if you wish to explore the all the wonders of old Delhi. This haveli gives you the opportunity to get a feel of the Mughal era through the architectural beauty of the Haveli teamed up with the amenities of the present era. Mouth watering food, delhi old bazaars, and what not  can obviously make you a fan of this place. The ambience of the place is so amazing that can make you go bonkers. Its also famous for extravagant parties held here at the roof tops. The hospitality of the staff is so good and the rooms gives you a royal feeling. 

  7. Virasat-Haveli Top Haveli Restaurants In India

    Malhar Haveli is situated in Noida, India. The Haveli is known for its great ambience and luxurious hotel stays and hospitality. If you love the old time charm, a mix of rustic and royalty, this is the place to be. The food here is purely authentic with a touch of Indian culture. The old royal aura makes you feel like you are staying in some old king’s fort. The staff is very friendly and it’s also a destination for formal and informal parties and events. 

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Top Haveli Restaurants In India

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