Top 10 Quick Ways To Get A Job In Dubai

ways to get a job in Dubai

In this era of technological advancement, Dubai is one of the major countries with immense opportunities for jobs and lavish lifestyle. It has been ranked in the top most list of Countries that offers some way amazing jobs that you can only dream of. They have excellent living standards and who would not love to get an amazing job in an amazing city and leave their life with financial security? I guess no one. Well, for your utmost convenience, we are here to enlist some of the prominent ways to get a job in Dubai.

Job hunting is not an easy task, it requires lots of efforts and most importantly patience on your part. It is rather frustrating to get no emails or calls back when you have applied for jobs in your ultimate dream city, Dubai. Let me share an insight on some tips you need to follow for getting a job in Dubai.

Here are some of the exceptional ways to get a job in Dubai:

  1. The first and the foremost ways to get a job in Dubai is making your resume noticeable. You need to make your resume so powerful and compelling that a recruiter is not able to look past it. Have it written by some professional agency or consultant. You can also redo it yourself with the help of the internet. It should specify all your previous work experiences and qualifications. You need to have your resume, your UAE attested certificates, experience certificates and other documents sorted and ready to be sent to the recruiters.

  2. Registering your resume is one of the most important ways to get a job in Dubai. The idea of registering on several job sites might seem tiring or futile, but it helps a great deal in understanding the requirements of the company and preparing yourself for the interview accordingly. They can tell you whether your specific skill sets have a demand in the organisations.

  3. This is the era of internet and you cannot afford to look backward by not having an active online resume, CV or even a cover letter. You should have a copy of your resume available online and in the reach of recruiters. You need to update your resume on as much job sites as possible to get a recruiter to see you and it should be overall professional.

  4. Having a noteworthy online presence is one of the most prominent ways to get a job in Dubai. An online public profile helps you a great deal. Having a personalised URL helps the recruiters to search you on Google easily and an appropriate file can lead you to that dream job.  For e.g your active LinkedIn profile can give the recruiter an insight into your life and gather the necessary information required. Moreover, it can also help you search for careers through the available connections and networks you have on there.

  5. Some of the major recruitment companies like aviation firms such as Emirates and Fly Dubai or hospitality companies such as Marriot; media and advisory ones such as Reuters, or finance firms such as KPMG, Emirates NBD and PWC have created impeccable ways to get a job in Dubai through a fully functional career portal within their website which allows you to apply directly. It is more resourceful than applying through some third party as they can directly track your applications there.

  6. Though, internet has taken over all the resources for getting a job in a company, you still cannot underestimate the power of making phone calls to the recruiters or the HR teams. This may be somewhat tiring and you might get some harsh rejections or responses but there are equal chances of landing your dream job with that one phone call.

  7. Following a routine is one of the most important ways to get a job in Dubai. You need to apply regularly for the job in Dubai before arriving in the city. Usually recruiters take some time to look at your applications, so your CV should always be updated regularly so as to remain in the top list for the recruitment companies to see.

  8. Job hunting and rejections can take a toll on you. You need to make peace with the fact that Dubai is one of the major hub for applying jobs and thus rejections are a part of the package. This does not mean you won’t get a job there, it simply means you need to try a little persistently and be more patient. The opportunities will surely knock.

  9. While you are new in Dubai, making social connections is a hassle and requires lots of time, though, you do not have much connections there, job fairs or expos can serve you a great deal they can help you meet directly with the recruiters and showcase your skills. You can get several details and some important names of the people that can help you get a kick start.

  10. Self-confidence and the will to never give up are the two most successful ways to get a job in Dubai. Do not sit back and wait for the calls from the recruiters. Once you have arrived in the city, you need to let the recruiters know that you are available for the interviews. If you are not successful in lining up job interviews before your visit to the city, at least schedule some informational interviews. Take out the time to search the market for some appropriate jobs and most importantly never lose the self-confidence.

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Top 10 Quick Ways To Get A Job In Dubai

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