Top 10 Luxury Hotels In The World

luxury hotels in the world

Ever felt like being Sarah Jessica Parker and her girls and pack your branded luggage, get on the plane to the most amazing luxurious and relaxing hotels in the World with every service at your doorstep? If, Yes? Then here’s the list of some most luxurious and expensive as well as best Luxury hotels in the World that will drive your wanderlust like no other thing:-

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    The Mardan Palace Hotel was build by Russian Billionaire Telman Ismailov in 2009 with an over the top investment of $1.5 billion. The hotel is the home to largest swimming pool in the Mediterranean which can fit upto 1000 people at a time. The Italian marble furnishings will make you go awe with crystal and gold leaf chandeliers hanging at every door step of those sumptuous suites and spas, will make you fall in love with the hotel.  The dining spots and the 17 bars of the hotel are bound to leave you mesmerised with their amazing services. Living in the palace that has every silver coated luxury at your doorstep, is sure a dream come true. 

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    The Atlantis Paradise Islands are built as a tribute to the lost city of Atlantis in Bahamas and are considered one of the best hotels in the World. The 141 acres resort is one of the finest resorts in the World with their top class services and catering. The Royal Tower Bridge suite is the reason for it being World Famous. The suite has 10 finest rooms with an in-house jacuzzi, a piano, a bar, a formal dining room with a golden chandelier hanging from the top and twin entertainment centres. You can enjoy every amenity at your door step with 24 hour butler and chef services. 

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    This $3 billion hotel has topped the list of the most luxurious and one of the best hotels in the World. The palace has over 394 rooms and suites that will cater to your every need at hand that too with a personal chef, 40 conference rooms, a white sand beach with an in house spa, swimming pools to die for and every luxury you can ever dream of. The palace staff is inclined to treat you like a royalty, even if you are not. The aura of the palace will make you wish you were its sole hire. With crystal chandeliers and the marbles that will take your breath away, the hotel is well suited for every Sultan or a business tycoon.

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    Onne of the most photographed as well as listed in the best hotels in the World, the Burj Al Arab Hotel resembles a billowing sail boat. A stay in this hotel is not something less than a royalty could afford. You get to have every luxury at the beck of your call with 24*7 available on call butlers, the suites to die for, hovering tennis courts, swimming pools and the nightlife one cannot imagine in his dreams. You will be driven to the places with a personal chauffeur that drives a Rolls Royce fleet. I mean what else one could dream of in the expanse of luxury?

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    There might be many luxurious hotels in the Big Apple but The Plaza always takes the first spot with the VIPs for its Royal Plaza Suite with a view of the whole Manhattan city that will leave you mesmerised in awe. The suite is designed with such uniqueness and charm with finest and elite English taste. It has 3 bedrooms, formal dining room, a library, a gymnasium, a grand piano, full kitchen (for personal chefs), and a butler’s pantry, and is serviced by its own private elevator. The Plaza is recognised as a National Historic Landmark that got its recognition in 1969. One can also see it as a perfect resort for all the finest English men to wine and dine. 

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    Though Hugh Hefner passed away recently, you can still get a chance to take an insight in the life World famous Playboy with Hugh Hefner Sky Villa, one of the finest and most famous and luxurious rooftop Villas in Palms, Las Vegas. The suite has a rooftop jacuzzi hanging in the sky with a view of the amazing Vegas and it can accommodate up to 250 people at once. The most famous suite will offer you a rotating bed, a bar with finest of scotch all over the Country, gym, sauna and entertainment room. This one seems like the perfect spot for a bachelorette party. 

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    There is no doubt about the fact that Marquis Los Cabos has landed in the list of best hotels in the World. The hotel is inspired by the celestial legend of two angels seeking paradise on Earth. The hotel’s lobby opens into the restless sea, just like the imagination behind this hotel, restless and wild. Spectacular and over the top swimming pools that never ends, the amazing waterfalls or the sculptures, you cannot get enough of this place. The hotel has many VIP’s across the country staying in their finest personal suites with a personal dipping pool. The sauna and spa retreat here in the hotel can make you wish to spend your life here only. 

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    This is one of the finest as well as best hotels in the World. The location of the hotel is so remote and away from the chaos of city life that it will replenish your soul the hotel provides 36 private hillside villas blanketed with ancient rainforest and overlooking the turquoise waters. You get to fly to the hotel through their personal aircraft. Every guest is given their personal buggies to travel through the coconut palm beaches where the sand and the sun will greet you in all their glory with the waves of the sea splashing at your toes to give you an experience of your lifetime.  

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    Situated at the centre of Sydney Opera House and Harbour Bridge, this harbourside luxury resort is like no other. The hotel perfectly describes what a superior Australian architecture looks like. You can enjoy luxury at its finest at your door step with their 155 over the top luxurious rooms, a 24 hour butler and chef service, private balconies, a day spa resort, a sun deck and an amazing rooftop pool. The contemporary Australian inspired interiors will make you feel like a royalty living in your own palace.

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    I don’t think any travel enthusiast is unaware of the Excelsior. The hotel has already made it to the list of best hotels in the World number of times. It features some top most luxury suites to the average ones. The most luxurious villa here, Villa La Cupola Suite has been recently been “refreshed” with a $7 million renovation. The suite takes two floors making it one of the largest suites in the whole Italy. Furnished in grand old style with modern high tech gadgets, hand-frescoed cathedral style domes, its own private fitness room, sauna, steam bath and Jacuzzi, it shrieks luxury for every royalty out there that can afford it like everything else.

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Top 10 Luxury Hotels In The World

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