Top 10 Air Hostess Training Institutes In India

Air Hostess Training Institutes

Air Hostess Training Institutes: Being an Air hostess is one of the most superior professions of all time, a profession that allows you to enjoy a life of glamour, meet celebrities, fly across most of the World and get paid to do that. We can call it a most literal way to give wings to your dreams.

There are a plethora of training institutes in India that can help you get your dream air hostess job and fly across every nation in the world plus get used to that lavish lifestyle and a big paycheque.

Intrigued yet? Check out the list of top 10 air hostess training institutes in India:


  1. Frankfin Top 10 Air Hostess Training Institutes In India

    FIAT was established in 1993 and is known as the most superior and well-known air hostess training Institute in India. The esteemed institute offers training in the aviation as well as hospitality sector. Their innovative programs and a unique curriculum have made the institute see major growth in the aviation sector and settle the largest network across the world. Frankfinn Institute has its branches in 95 cities in India with over 100 centres in total. It also has international centres in Dubai, Mauritius and Hong Kong. It was rewarded as "Best Higher Vocational Institute for Skill Development" - 2017 at the ASSOCHAM INDIA Summit - Cum - Awards Ceremony. Courses offered by Frankfinn include:

    1. Certificate in Aviation, Hospitality and Travel Management (12 months)
    2. Certificate Course in Hospitality, Travel and Customer Service (12 months)
    3. Post Graduate Certificate in Aviation and Hospitality Services (12 months)
    4. Post Graduate Certificate in Airport Ground Services (12 months)

    Age limit- 25 years

  2. Frankfin Top 10 Air Hostess Training Institutes In India

    Jet Airways is one of the best air hostess training institutes in India. The institute has its branches in Mumbai, Delhi and Kolkata with its headquarters at Mumbai. You need a minimum 12th standard qualification if you wish to apply for training in this institute. After meeting the eligibility criteria, you have to present yourself for personal interview and profiling round. The institute provides you with proper hands-on training and counselling in an actual aircraft in order to offer every aspect in the most practical way.

    Age limit- 18-24 years

  3. Frankfin Top 10 Air Hostess Training Institutes In India

    The Rajiv Gandhi Memorial College of Aeronautics is located in Jaipur and was established in 1992. The college is known to specifically focus on the gap that has been built in the aviation industry due to the lack of training personnel and other aviation maintenance and handling staff. The Rajiv Gandhi Memorial college is approved by DGCA, Govt of India.  It offers Aeronautics training and allows the students to build their career in specialized aviation profession which has a high demand for trainees and aviation personnel. On Job Training to the students is given on campus and through an arrangement with different Airline/AMOs to get the practical exposure on Aircraft/helicopter.

    Age limit- 18 years minimum

  4. Frankfin Top 10 Air Hostess Training Institutes In India

    The Bombay Flying Club College of Aviation was established in 1928 and offers a one-year diploma in aviation safety and hospitality. The training program is hosted by the ex-cabin crew from many reputed airlines. The minimum qualification required to be eligible for the course is 12th standard. The institute is the only air hostess training institute in India that is approved by DGCA and is affiliated to the University of Mumbai. They offer on-site training and security measures to its students in order to make them understand the underpinnings of the duties as an air hostess practically. 

    Age limit- 18- 25 years

  5. Frankfin Top 10 Air Hostess Training Institutes In India

    The Indigo Training Centre is famous for it's on job air hostess training all over India. Getting an admission in this institute is not an easy job. You have to go through multiple selection procedures and clear the last interview round for getting a seat in the training course. The staff that teaches you belongs to Indigo airlines and are pretty efficient in offering excellent training modules based on their experience. Candidates who are selected for receiving training at Indigo are paid a stipend of Rs 10,000 to Rs 15,000 during their training period. Only female candidates are eligible for the job of air stewardess and should have nice communication skills and as per the norms height and weight.

    Age Limit- 18-27 years

  6. Indira Gandhi Institute of Aeronautics (IGIA) is one of the leading air hostess training institutes in India. They have been quite successful in carving a niche for themselves in the domestic aviation market and are successfully moving towards conquering the international market too in the fields of Aviation, Hospitality, Tourism, Aviation English. They offer a 1 year Diploma in Cabin Crew Services & Hospitality Management. The minimum graduation required to enroll for the course is calss 12 and certain other height and weight requirements have also to be taken under consideration. 

    Age Limit- 17-26 Years

  7. Frankfin Top 10 Air Hostess Training Institutes In India

    The Kingfisher Training Academy is backed by Kingfisher Airline Group. The academy provides courses in aviation, hospitality and customer service training.  They have branches in major Indian states and offers 4 strategic aviation courses and diploma. The candidate must have the minimum 12th standard of qualification for applying for an admission in the academy. The admission procedure is on the basis of Kingfisher’s Service Proficiency Assessment Test with a round of personal interview questions. The diploma course offered is of 12 months while certification courses are of 15 months duration.

    Age limit- Minimum 25 years

  8. Frankfin Top 10 Air Hostess Training Institutes In India

    PTC aviation academy is another one of the most superior air hostess training institutes in India which was established in 2006 in Chennai and offers top quality courses in hospitality and aviation management. The programme imparts adequate knowledge in Airports, airlines, airport security and duties, carriage policies of airlines, security procedures and many more. Their practical based curriculum and training norms make the candidates understand the thick and thin of aviation. The minimum 12th standard cleared is the criteria for eligibility and admission procedure is according to the university norms. 

    Age limit- minimum 18

  9. Frankfin Top 10 Air Hostess Training Institutes In India

    UAA was established in 1996 in Chennai and is one of the esteemed institutes that provide courses for air hostess training. The institute follows the strict rules of associating with good communication skills and trains you with the formal necessities of being a good air hostess. They offer resourceful learning as a base platform in order to aspire they candidates to discover their passion and transform into a skillset enough to get a meaningful job in the aviation sector. Their curriculum mainly focuses on dealing with the complexity of aviation environment. The institute follows a strict rule of conduct for the admission test too. Only those candidates will be eligible for applying for the air hostess course who have cleared both the personal interview round and the aptitude test. 

    Age limit- 17-25 years

    Eligibility- 12th standard

  10. Frankfin Top 10 Air Hostess Training Institutes In India

    Air Hostess Training Academy was established in 1997 and has its branches in Delhi, Mumbai, Pune, Chandigarh and Bangalore. The academy provides diploma course in Aviation & Hospitality Management, Fast track Aviation & Hospitality Management, Persona Enhancement. The lowest graduation for making the eligibility criteria is 12th standard from a recognised board. The courses are offered for a duration of 12 months and the academy is responsible for grooming every single thing one needs to have for becoming a crew member. They also offer special on the job training for better practical understanding.  

    Age limit- 17- 24 years

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Top 10 Air Hostess Training Institutes In India

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