10 Common Mistakes Everyone Does to get Job in Dubai

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Dubai is one of the major hubs for aspirants to apply for their dream job. Be its lavish lifestyle or amazing job packages, getting a job in Dubai is a dream of hundreds. It is one of the top most job markets in the World and who here does not wish to have that lavish kind of financial security.

If you have applied to as many companies in Dubai for a job as possible and has not gotten any call backs, there is  a major chance you have made some mistakes.

Here is the list of some common mistakes everyone does while applying for a job in Dubai:-


  1. The most common mistake a job seeker can do is coming to the Dubai in the wrong month. Dubai has a seasonal job market. Being an Islamic country, the best time for applying for a job there is not anytime near Ramadan months or Eid. You can apply in the starting of the year, June-July and the end. These are the months that sees some major recruiting in Dubai.

  2. Another common mistakes applicants usually make is not having their CV in a proper professional format. It often makes a bad impression on the recruiter making him to move to the next candidate. Your resume or CV should be well written focusing on all your skills and qualities that make you the best candidate for the job.

  3. A wrong job strategy can make you lose that dream job of yours. You need to prepare a perfect and organised job strategy for searching a job in Dubai. Make sure to have a proper plan and schedule the interviews accordingly. Make a day to day plan for organising your job search.

  4. Those job seekers who only apply jobs online are putting themselves at a huge disadvantage. A good job seeker need to keep his CV ready and updated on every online portal as well as consider calling and visiting the companies for handing the resume himself important too. You need to keep yourself updated with certain other platforms besides online for getting a job. Walk in interviews and career pages are resourceful too.

  5. One of the major mistakes a job seeker can do is apply for every considerable job with only one CV. They think can get any job with a single CV while this is not the case. You need to update your CV regularly according to the job specifications a recruiter demands and revamp it accordingly by highlighting the required skills.

  6. One cannot underestimate the power of social media for getting recognised for a job. The social media has many opportunities for landing a resourceful job. Registering on portals like LinkedIn can give you valuable leads for some really great jobs in Dubai. Become active on LinkedIn and Facebook and other career related discussions, they will help you a great deal.

  7. Networking is the term not majorly used by job seekers which leads to a major mistake on their part. Some of the companies do not post their openings on social media, rather hire the candidates through reference of the previous employees or friends. It’s important to have a network that can lead you on the interview table directly.

  8. This is the most common mistake job seekers do while going for an interview. Lack of preparation can make a bad impression on the recruiter and make you look like a complete loon in front of everyone. You need to prepare for the interview thoroughly. Investigating about the company and their products puts a good impression too.

  9. Job seekers usually apply for the jobs they are not qualified for in hope of getting lucky but this is not always the case. Being over qualified for a job will not let the recruiter believe that you will serve them for the given period and being underqualified makes you totally out of the reach of that job. Apply for only jobs that matches your skill sets only.

  10. Impatience always leads to bad decisions. Some job seekers after getting tired of applying for jobs with no avail seeks the help of agents/companies that are usually fake. The agents take a huge sum of money with the promise of a good job. These agents are usually scam hoarders that will make you wait until your visa expires eventually.

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10 Common Mistakes Everyone Does to get Job in Dubai

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