Last Chance Winter Getaway trip to Experience Snow

last chance winter getaways

This winter season is finally approaching towards its near end. Soon, the leaves will turn and we will be able to welcome the summer in all its glory. But, what about enjoying or experiencing getaway trip to experience the last snow before changing the gears for summer? Read on to know more about those wishful last chance winter getaways near you and grab onto the chance.

Being a travel enthusiast, it’s our moral duty to bid adieu to the last winter snow and who here doesn’t love the fact? I, for once, wish to explore every travel destination where the snow shines like a white sheet of canvas and gives us the opportunity to actually experience heaven on Earth. Getting to spend some quality time with your family or loved ones is always something special and what else besides experiencing actual snow to make the most of that time.

Here are some of the winter fairylands in Shimla-Manali you need to visit for your last chance winter getaway trip to experience snow:

1. Kufri

Skiing-1038x649 Last Chance Winter Getaway trip to Experience SnowOne of the most famous tourist attraction in near Shimla is the land of snow, Kufri. It is a small district near Shimla that actually is covered in snow at the moment. In your getaway trip you can also visit the adventure park in Kufri or just roll in and out with the snow sports, skii your way through or go tobogganing, you won’t ever get tired of the beauty of the place. Do remember to bring your warmest of clothes though. You can even take up a hike to the Mashu Peak, the famous hiking place uphill and bask in the beauty of nature.

2. Narkanda

Skiing-1038x649 Last Chance Winter Getaway trip to Experience SnowThe skiing hub near Shimla, Narkanda is one of the place you couldn’t afford to miss for your last chance winter getaways. This winter wonderland is just a 2 hour drive from Shimla and is an actual destination for all the snow lovers. The place is like covered in snow top to bottom, thus being one of the major skiing destinations all over India. A must visit place with your family or friends. Do remember to try out the horse rides to the Himalayan National Park. trust me, Narkanda is a charm.

3. Mashobra

Skiing-1038x649 Last Chance Winter Getaway trip to Experience SnowWant to travel somewhere secluded away from the city chaos and get yourself lost in the divine snow covered peaks of the nature, then this getaway trip to Mashobra is the perfect place for you. Sitting amidst the Reserve Forest Sanctuary of Shimla, Mashobra is the peak for all the nature and adventure enthusiasts. The place is covered in snow throughout the winters and during its end too, being one of the wonder destinations for your last chance winter getaways. Skiing, trekking and rappelling are some of the adventure sports you can experience in Mashobra with your family and friends.

4. Rohru

Skiing-1038x649 Last Chance Winter Getaway trip to Experience SnowThe mother of apple orchards, Rohru is a place near Shimla that has an exceptional weather throughout the season. The snow covered peaks at this time looks divine. This getaway trip is perfect for the families wishing to enjoy the season’s last snow and make beautiful memories with adventure sports like skiing, trout fishing, hand gliding as well as trekking. Trout fishing in the river Pabbar near Rohru is famous across all India.

5. Fagu

Skiing-1038x649 Last Chance Winter Getaway trip to Experience Snow22 kms from Shimla lies The Himalayan Hamlet, Fagu. it is a shil station that has mind numbing cold weather throughout the season and is covered in snow in all the winters, even at the end. It is one of the those relaxed last chance winter getaways from the daily city life and enjoying some solitude with the family. The place has a magical charm. In this getaway trip you can also experience snow sports such as trekking, skiing etc. Banthia Devta Temple is one of the most famous temples of the town. You can even take up a trip to Theog, famous for its markets and the snow covered panoramic views.

6. Rohtang

Skiing-1038x649 Last Chance Winter Getaway trip to Experience SnowRohtang is the most famous destination to visit in Kullu Manali. It’s like a tradition to visit the eastern hills of the Pir Panjal Range. It lies at an altitude of 3978 metres above the sea level and is always covered in snow, making the area look divine. River beas lies at the southern end of Rohtang pass while Chenab lies at the northern end making the whole Rohtang Pass look like beautiful snow covered heaven on earth. The area is famous for its breathtakingly beautiful hidden waterfalls and some snow sports are always the main attraction of the tourists.

Do check out our list of Things to Do in Shimla-Manali for your next getaway trips.

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Last Chance Winter Getaway trip to Experience Snow

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