Top 10 Strongest Pokemon in Universe

Strongest Pokemon

For over a decade, pokemon family has been the most enchanting and thrilling family of the animated world. The Pokémon family of products includes video games, the Pokémon Trading Card Game, the Pokémon animated TV series, movies, toys, and much more. In the world of animation, pokemon are the creatures that live with their humans and act or talk only when their humans command. Fighting and ultimate surviving techniques are the most important basis if categorizing the strongest pokemon. Some of the strongest pokemon known to many of us are:-

  1. 1 Arceus

    Arceus Top 10 Strongest Pokemon in Universe

    Arceus is known as the pokemon God and is the most powerful and strongest pokemon out there. Arceus was responsible for creating the entire universe with its 1,000 arms. As the one to technically create everything, Arceus has the powers that no other pokemon possesses. Nintendo did not officially recognise him until 2009, so for those who are the fans of early pokemon series aren’t familiar with him. 

  2. Arceus Top 10 Strongest Pokemon in Universe

    Rayquaza is known as the most aggressive pokemon with all the awesome abilities and moves and an exterior defining its character. He has the most powerful ability to fights the enemies. Mega Rayquaza is so immensely powerful that it has actually been banned from use in some online tournaments, and is the only Pokémon to date which has been.

  3. 3 Mewtwo

    Arceus Top 10 Strongest Pokemon in Universe

    Mewtwo is one of the original pokemon and is known among the kids as the most powerful one besides Arceus. It was created by Dr.Fuji with Mew’s DNA in order to create someone more powerful and strong. It has the ability to control the minds as well as erase the memories. 

  4. Arceus Top 10 Strongest Pokemon in Universe

    Alakazam is the one of the most powerful pokemon of all times and works on the mantra “mind over matter”. Alakazam’s brain just keeps growing and growing, as his brain cells multiply constantly. Being born with a massive IQ, this pokemon is known to have an edge over the others too. By evolving into Mega Alakazam, he can reach an all new set of powers to take over the world. 

  5. Arceus Top 10 Strongest Pokemon in Universe

    Dialga is the ultimate pokemon responsible for the creation of time in the pokemon universe. It is even seen as an ancient deity in Sinnoh region’s mythology. Some say time began when Dialga was born, and some also say time flows when its heart beats. It can control time according to his wishes which is a power any body would die for.

  6. Arceus Top 10 Strongest Pokemon in Universe

    Ditto with its immense power has been competing with the most powerful pokemon of all times. The pokemon can literally transfer himself into any shape thus making his abilities one of the strongest among all the pokemon. The army of dittos if work accordingly and with the presence of mind, can take over the universe ultimately. 

  7. 7 Mew

    Arceus Top 10 Strongest Pokemon in Universe

    Mew is one of the most loving pokemon since he is adorably cute with all the advanced genetics. It is infused with every single pokemon’s DNA making its one of the most powerful among all. With its DNA containing every other pokemon’s genes, he is able to copy all their moves which makes him the one with all the most powerful moves thus non defeatable.

  8. Arceus Top 10 Strongest Pokemon in Universe

    Lugia is famous for his epic “the butterfly effect” move which depicts how a butterfly flapping its wings can supposedly cause a hurricane somewhere else in the world. Lugia is causing the most devastating storms across the World with its wings. One flap of its wings can cause a storm that lasts up to 40 days and this is the most powerful ability for a pokemon to have.

  9. Arceus Top 10 Strongest Pokemon in Universe

    Gardevoir has the powers that can destroy the whole World. Gardevoir has the psychokinetic ability to actually distort the dimensions of the universe and create a black hole at will. The black hole created can suck everything in its range into the darkness thus being the reason for presented as one of the strongest of all. Their psychic abilities also allows them to see the future. 

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Top 10 Strongest Pokemon in Universe

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