Top 10 Highest Salaried Jobs After Class 12 in 2019

Jobs After Class 12

The old school saying, age is just a number is quiet appropriate in this rapidly advancing World. Everyone wants to get ahead in the race of getting peace of mind and soul with an additional perk- earning more money. If you have a passion and talent for something good that can in the long run prove beneficial to you, then don’t waste your time and apply for Jobs After class 12. Start doing it now and keep your fingers crossed.

According to the survey, every 4 out of 10 students consider opting for a job after passing their 12th standard instead of going for higher studies. The reason behind this decision may be their personal issues, money matters or something entirely absurd, we are no one to judge though. There are tremendous career options for you to pursue besides considering higher studies options after 12th which are bound to make you stand out and provide you a higher pay scale even.

Carving your own niche might be something we all need to get. Imagine Messi being a singer and Sachin being a physicist. They won’t be of any inspiration to any of us. Choosing a career of your own is your right and giving you out of the box suggestions is all we can do.

Here are the top 10 jobs after class 12 according to different interests and prospects that will serve you with high salaries without graduation:-



  1. This is the most profound profession of the youth these days and is blooming even more every coming day. Event planning is the most fun career you can wish for filled with excitement and money too. It involves the creation and development of large scale events such as festivals, conferences, ceremonies, formal parties, concerts, or conventions. It involves studying the brand, identifying its target audience, devising the event concept, and coordinating the technical aspects before actually launching the event. All you need is to have a general passion for planning something, good organizing skills and working for flexible hours. You can start from the lower post like organizing a kids party or a function in the school and lead higher to organizing marriages and conferences etc. this is not at all easy but will surely get you big bucks if you have what it takes to be an event manager. 

    Starting Salary:-  Rs.8,000 that can go upto Rs.80,000

  2. 2 SSC

    Staff Selection Commision copen posts for the new entry level joinees with a minimum qualification of 12th standard. This Government job is rather helpful in getting you a stable career with a nice salary. The posts varies like Data Entry Operator, stenos, low division clerks etc and their salaries varies too.

    Once you have bagged an entry level position after clearing the CHSL exam, you are in for higher promotions. All you need is to have basic knowledge of computers and good typing skills. The competition in the exam is very tight though.

    Starting Salary:- Rs.18,000- 30,000

  3. An air hostess is someone that is appointed to help the people during their flights as a part of the cabin crew. Being an Air Hostess is the perfect job for one to challenge personal paradigms and beliefs systems. If you wish to travel the World as well as get an amazing pay cheque, being an air hostess is the perfect job for you. You get to travel and earn hand in hand, chance to meet the celebrities, luxurious hotel stays and afit lifestyle. What else could anyone dream of?

    Starting Salary- INR 25,000

  4. Job security and financial stability is all everyone needs and a job in the railways guarantees you that. It is a promising career for the freshers with minimum 12th qualification. Railway clerks, railway constable, lower division clerk are some of the posts you can apply for. 

    The pay scale is very fine with additional govt job perks. Promotions and salary increments are notably guaranteed. Group C officers are directly promotable to Group B officers.

    Starting Salary:- Rs.20,000- 25,000

  5. Most of you don’t hold a govt job dream or an academic dream but aspire to choose your own distinguished passion. Photography is the area that can make you earn big bucks and feed your passion all at once if you think you have what it takes to be the stand out photographer, you can opt for career as a photo journalist, fashion photographer, feature photographer, wildlife photographer or even freelance. 

    You can start by working under a specialist and gain their insights and training to bloom yourself better. You can even run your own studio and be the next Dabboo Ratnani.

    Starting Salary:- Rs 10,000- 30,000

  6. Yes, you can work for the police department without any graduation degree to uphold you back. You can apply for the post of constable after completing your 12th. All you need is to be physically fit and strong for being eligible to apply for this job.

    The perks of getting a government job with regular salary increments and timely promotions is quite tempting. Once you have started working as a constable, other career opportunities open their gates for you like applying for CID constable or UPSC exams.

    Starting Salary:- Rs.15,000 - 20,000

  7. What better way to give back to the society than serving the nation in all its glory. Getting a job in the army is one of the best career option one can opt after completing their 12th. An army job comes with a great pride and respect. One can actually go for the NDA, if you wish to have job security with an income worth everything. You can also apply for the post of Soldier GD, clerk or soldier Technician etc all depending upon meeting the eligibility criteria. After joining the army at a lower level, you can opt for higher posts exams like ACC, PCSL etc in 2-3 years which will help you get a higher post and much better perks.

    Starting salary:- Rs.40,000

  8. If you have good typing skills with a basic knowledge of operating some of the key softwares and spreadsheets like excel, word at your disposal, data entry operator is  a perfect job for you. All you have to do is update data into the computer system according to the company’s demand. 

    This might be one of the best options if you wish to learn new platforms at entry level and get paid quite generously too. The progress in this area is seen at a greater rate these days making it an ultimate career option after class 12th.

    Starting Salary:- Rs.10,000 - 15,000 per month 

  9. The healthy lifestyle is getting a much hype these days and being a gym trainer is one of the most easy and money making job at this time with an additional perk of serving the aura of peace of mind and health everywhere. All you have to know is how to be in a good shape throughout the year and how to perform basic exercises. 

    The yoga and aerobics trainer gets an additional advantage. You can kick start your career by working under some trained professional and once you have learned enough, you can open your own gym. There won’t be any shortage of gym memberships that is guaranteed.

    Starting salary:- Rs.8,000, that can go upto Rs.50,000

  10. Marketing is the utmost goal of any individual company and having a good spokesperson with ultimate communication skills and charming personality that can promote their product efficiently is all they need. 

    Every company open the fields for sales executive and if you work quite well with them in their profits, you are in for bigger promotions like sales manager and director. The pay scale is very fine with a much modern lifestyle and the prospects of promotions. You can even opt for advertising after having some experience.

    Starting Salary:- Rs.10,000-20,000

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Top 10 Highest Salaried Jobs After Class 12 in 2019

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