Top 10 Hidden Places To Explore In Rajasthan

Top 10 Hidden Places To Explore In Rajasthan


Rajasthan has always been famous among the travellers for its royal history and culture. The city of Kings is the most explored destination in India. Be its towering forts, Royal Palaces, striking deserts or the ancient culture, it will never cease to amaze you.

Ducking off the most visited tourist tracks is often not everyone’s cup of tea. If you ever wish to explore Rajasthan besides its amazing forts and lakes, there are many hidden places in the city that have some amazing historical connection.

For the wandering souls who wish to explore every depth of the beautiful state, here are some amazing hidden places to get your groove on:-


  1. 1 Bundi

    bundi Top 10 Hidden Places To Explore In Rajasthan

    Bundi is a village that is often not explored by most travellers but once visited can leave you spellbound with its beauty. Surrounded by lakes, hills, blue houses and temples on every corner, the town feels like heaven on Earth. The place is known as the lesser known version of Udaipur. Bundi palace and Taragarh fort can make you mesmerised in awe with their beauty and worth learning history.

  2. 2 Nagaur

    bundi Top 10 Hidden Places To Explore In Rajasthan

    The unsung corners of Rajasthan are no less if one looks for them. They can make you acquainted with the hidden gems and facts of the incredible state. One such place is Nagaur. It is the home to India’s largest salt lake-” Sambhar Lake”. It also holds some historical reference in the epic Mahabharata. The city is hidden in such deep culture and heritage that can make you fall in love with its simplicity. The famous dargah of St.  t Hamiduddin Chishti Faruqui Nagauri, one of the chief disciples of Khwaja Moinuddin, is also located in the area nearby and is very famous among muslim folks.

  3. bundi Top 10 Hidden Places To Explore In Rajasthan

    Sawai Madhopur is the perfect place for adventure enthusiasts. The city is known as the “Gateway to Ranthambore”. Its famous for its lush green guavas and the amazing landscapes. The city is surrounded by Vindhyas and Aravalis. The Ranthambore National park also lies at somewhat shorter distance making the cit a must visit if you are bored of the on travel tracks like forts or lakes. 

  4. bundi Top 10 Hidden Places To Explore In Rajasthan

    Bhangarh, the make believe ghost town is the very secluded and lesser travelled for its mysterious tales. The town is surrounded by beautiful deodar trees allover giving it an amazing look. The town is so peaceful and quiet from the bustling city life that it would have made a famous destinations for retreats or spa but the make believe folk tales stating that the Bhangarh fort is haunted makes it out of the list for the weak hearted souls.

  5. bundi Top 10 Hidden Places To Explore In Rajasthan

    If you wish to visit a fort that has a neck deep worth of history associated with it, then Bhainsrorgarh fort is the best place for you. The fort does not attract the swarms of visitors like all other forts in Jaipur and Jaisalmer. The fort is associated with the history back in 2nd century and is now an esteemed hotel and retreat that will cater to your every need like a goddess.

  6. bundi Top 10 Hidden Places To Explore In Rajasthan

    Once known as Brijnagar, the city of Jhalawar is unlike any city in Rajasthan. The city is surrounded by water rock bodies in all directions making it look like a hidden pool of beauty. The place is very much less travelled for the reasons unknown to anyone. The town is the home to many large forts and palaces that came back from the Mughal or rajput periods. Jhalwar fort, buddhist caves, Chandrabhaga temple are some amazing places to see in the city. 

  7. bundi Top 10 Hidden Places To Explore In Rajasthan

    Resting on the land of Royal pedigree, Amanbagh is a royal resort. It is situated on the outskirts of jaipur and was once used by the Kings in the area for the royal leisure hunting time. The fort is now a place for the elites out there who wish to enjoy spas and retreats in all their royal glory and sunbathe in the royal architecture. The place has an amazing swimming pool for its visitors. 

  8. bundi Top 10 Hidden Places To Explore In Rajasthan

    Located at the foothills of Aravalli hills, Dungarpur is famous for its amazing green landscapes and the much famous green marble. The city holds some cultural significances. The architecture of the city fors and royal palaces will leave you gawking for a long time. The jharokhas cladded stone architectures from the times of Maharawal Shiv Singh are the major attractions of the place. Dep Somnath, Rajeshwar temple are some places you can visit during your stay in the city. 

  9. bundi Top 10 Hidden Places To Explore In Rajasthan

    The city of brightness, Abhanaeri is believed to be build by the famous King Raja Chand. The city is famous for the amazing "Baoris"step wells and Harshat Mata Temple. The step wells are a unique way used by the locals for rain water harvesting. The wells make the the landscape of the city beautiful in its own way. The city is famous for some off beat movie locations and shootings. Chand baori and the Hrshat mata temple are the that holds most significance in this area. The local food at the local market will make you fall in love with this place.

  10. bundi Top 10 Hidden Places To Explore In Rajasthan

    Most of you might be unaware of the city itself, but its is a sight to behold with its amazing mahals like sheesh mahal and meera mahal. The splendid city houses the Kuchaman fort which is now turned into a heritage hotel and spa. The sky surrounding the fort is so blue and clear making the place an epic destination for some quality time. The sheesh mahal is a sight to marvel at in the city, its beauty will leave you spellbound. The meera mahal and its architecture depicting the life of Meera is also a must visit if you wish to explore culture and diversity at its peak. 

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Top 10 Hidden Places To Explore In Rajasthan

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