Top 10 Apps To Learn A New Language

apps to learn a new language

Learning a new language is generally overwhelming and requires lots of efforts on your part. People often believe that only a child can get hold onto a new language as they are in a growing age, but this is not at all true. There is no age for learning and even adults can learn a new language just with a little effort. For your utmost convenience, we have sorted out some best apps to learn a new language that will help you grasp the language from head to toe.

You get face to face with a whole new window of opportunities by learning a new language and the fact that your resume looks better and has a better scope with a word bilingual in it is the main thing that is driving major people to learn new languages.

Some of the best apps to learn a new language :


  1. Duolingo is one of the most famous apps to learn a new language out there. The app is well designed for your convenience, easily accessible and most importantly it is free. The app offers you lessons in 23 different languages and has over 170 million followers. The app has lessons broken down into smaller chunks for you to understand on daily basis making it feel more like playing a game. The app divides languages into different topics, such as clothing or business, but also into adverbs, pronouns, and other grammatical subjects. The text to audio parameter makes it well efficient to learn slowly and grammatically correct. 

  2. Babbel is like a paid cousin of Duolingo but has its other advantages. The app allows you 40 lessons free for any language which usually covers the important aspects of learning a new language. You have to pay for the tail that is left though.  The app has lessons broken down into sub lessons that last for 10 to 15 minutes per piece. It will teach you all the grammar rules as you progress and will challenge you with phrases and words making you to fit them into sentences. The challenges are like filling the gaps just like games that makes learning fun.

  3. HelloTalk is one of the most prominent apps to learn a new language. This app lets you get hold of the language both grammatically and verbally by allowing you to text and send voice chat messages with a native speaker of your target language. It is just like using WhatsApp but to learn a language. You can correct each other’s messages or texts with an inbuilt correction tool, which transforms the language exchanges into tiny tutoring sessions. With its integrated translation system, you can easily tell the other what you wish to say even if you cannot get hold of that one word that makes the sentence complete. 

  4. Well, this application is the best app to learn a new language and play a game at the same time. It has taken gamification and learning to a whole new level. They allow you to learn 7 languages which are usually divided into 8 or 9 tiny games that will help you practice learning, grammar and vocabulary in a fun way. The app regularly monitors your progress so that you can know how much more learning you require. 

  5. 5 Busuu

    The app offers you 12 languages to learn from. It is one of the apps to learn a new language that is free but to unlock majority of the features, you have to pay some bucks. You can learn the language starting from simple words and moving up to sentences with every question about those answered in audio in the target language mostly by the natives. You can also get the mini travel course, if you only wish to learn some basic sentences for your immediate travel to that country.  

  6. Memrise is the app that is wonderful for fun learning. It uses memes to create a situation the target language allowing you to understand the situation and use of the verbs and adverbs well. There is no shortage of languages available to learn from there with audios of every word and sentence with clear understanding. They even have bizarre lessons on bizarre languages. It is one of the apps to learn a new language that uses memes? So 2018. Just try it once. 

  7. Leaf is an app that will allow you to enhance your English in every context. It is mainly for those international students who wish to understand various words or slangs the British or English people use. The app will effectively make you understand the words in simple English and will also help you predict the words if you are stuck forming some sentence. 

  8. 8 Tandem

    Tandem is one of the apps to learn a new language that allows you converse and chat with native people of your target language. You can understand their slangs through audio or video chats also. They offer grammatical corrections in the app also. Moreover, it helps you make friends with the native people if you ever wish to visit that country sometime. It also offers in-app translations for better learning and convenience. 

  9. It is an app specifically made to brush up your language before you take that trip to any foreign country. It helps you speak and understand basic to regular words and sentences so that you will not be misunderstood in some foreign land. It helps you take the communication gap pressure away and make you feel giddy about taking the trip. Moreover, you will be able to understand the culture and history better of the place you are travelling to. 

  10. As the name suggests, it is one of the apps to learn a new language that is solely for those who are somewhat familiar with the target language and want to understand it more wildly and at a greater expanse. You get to pronounce the sentence or phrase you are struggling with and you will be answered with the grammatically and verbally correct audio and text. You can also look up meaning of random target word here and listen to their pronunciation. 

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Top 10 Apps To Learn A New Language

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