5 Must Know Facts About Paid International Internships

Paid International Internships

There are numerous facts about paid International Internships over the internet that are rather confusing than satisfying. Getting a paid internship often seems to be a far-fetched idea. The overwhelming process of applying for internships takes a toll on you and the fact that paid internships are only a few and the process is rather tiring, makes us drop the mere thought altogether. But this is one of the biggest mistakes a person does ie thinking that he cannot get a paid internship to study abroad. Trust me, it is probably worth it with a little effort.

Let us tell you all the important facts about paid International internships abroad to take the right foot ahead:


  1. Before looking out for the facts about paid International internships, focus on the following key points and their benefits:

    • Personal growth- Serious motivation and dedication are the two things that are required on your part for getting ahead in this overwhelming process. It provides you with a sense of accomplishment and confidence as well as you get an insight in the new cultures, learn to speak their languages and view the World through a different lens altogether.
    • Professional Development- Paid international internships are one of the main counterparts for boosting your resume. With the increasing workforces, the global connectivity is establishing its foot in the foundation so strongly that any international internship will be given priority for interacting with international clients. Most of the companies want employees with some level of international experience. 
    • Expanding the Network- Getting a paid international internship will ultimately allow you to have connections that will prove resourceful in the future. Having someone that can help you get a job that will appreciate your skill set is rather comforting. 

  2. One of the most important facts about paid international internships is the type of internship you wish to pursue. Paid international internships are considered as Internship Jackpots. Getting all the advantages of the internships, getting to learn something new that will help you achieve big in future and even getting paid for it is just like a dream come true. Although, they should not be considered as a way of money making and expenditure handling. They will only help your gross budget a little. 

    Here are the types of paid international internships:-

    • Exchange Programs- They are the international service providers that will directly call the organisations or look for internships abroad for you with some minimum fees. They help you save the much hassle of finding the internships yourself. Though, most of the internships they will find will not be paid, but still with a  little extra effort, you can get what you desire. 
    • Company Internships- There are some organisations that directly offer you paid internships based on some criteria which you can look up online. These internships are most of the time paid and do not require you to apply through a third party. You can directly apply to the organisations according to the measures listed on their websites. 

  3. Finding a well paid internship is not a walk in the park. You need that little extra effort as well as that so called luck to get placed. The field you chose to intern in, when you apply, and how you orient your search efforts will all play a role in how successful you are in finding an international internship.

    Fields to look into for International Scholarships-

    • Marketing
    • Finance
    • International Relations
    • Engineering
    • Humanities
    • Arts

  4. Your clever strategy is one of the main facts about paid international internships. These depend upon your area of searching and the categories you are familiar with. Most of the people apply through exchange programs which take care of the all the details and paperwork for you while others prefer direct applying. Here are some organisations that will help you to apply a paid internship all the way:-

    • BUNAC
    • IES Internships
    • Volunteer Adventure Corps
    • Asia Internship Program
    • Institute for Global Studies

  5. Even though you desire a paid internship, sometimes your wish might not be granted. Worry not, there are still some amazing advantages behind getting an unpaid internship and those would be:-

    • Academic Credit- Even if you get an unpaid internship abroad, you still get to have academic credit that will get your grades up a notch and will help you strongly after graduation with the employment companies and all. A real life working experience will surely help you get a better job in future and the class credits are always a plus.
    • Living Stipend-  If due to some reason you are promised a paid internship, but the company fails to provide you so, they can compensate you with a living stipend like a place to stay, your food budget and living expenditure in a new state. 
    • Experience Alone- Getting an unpaid internship does come with so many additional advantages like getting to know the place better, their culture, their people and a real life organisation working tactics and details, that can help you become an asset in the future organisations you apply to. 

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5 Must Know Facts About Paid International Internships

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