10 Reasons Why You Should Become An Air Hostess

become an air hostess

Wishing to fly with your own wings may look dreamy and completely out of the novels, but is sure as hell no where near impossible. Getting a job after to become an air hostess can allow you do so- have wings.

An air hostess is someone that is appointed to help the people during their flights as a part of the cabin crew. Most of the women in our country wish to become one. I mean having an extravagant lifestyle, flying around the world, meeting new people everyday, getting to explore every travel destination, who doesn’t want it. Become an Air Hostess might be someone’s dream come true and travelling free might be the most amazing perk of it. Being a flight attendant is the perfect job for one to challenge personal paradigms and beliefs systems.

For those who have a travel bug and also wish to earn money while travelling, this is the ultimate job for you.  The perks of this job are endless which outshines the bad aspects 10 folds. Here are some reason why you should become an Air Hostess:-



  1. This might be the greatest perk of being a flight attendant in advance to travelling. Being an air hostess allows you to meet superstars, celebrities, politicians, business persons etc whom you have only saw through a TV. 

    Sometimes you even get a chance to interact with them which is the ultimate way to feed the FAN in you. The job is itself so exciting and meeting with your favourite personalities and getting an insight into their lifestyles while everybody watches them from Tv is just a dream come true.

  2. Most of the esteemed airlines provide their cabin crew with an additional perk of discounts on travel tickets. Imagine being able to travel with your family that too with discounted air fares, it is sure to make you reconsider your career options.

    Some airlines even offer free travels to their employees sometime in the year which is by far making this job the most considerable and cost effective one.

  3. Being an air hostess allows you to travel many great places and explore their cultures and beauty. It feels like you are paid to fly, which by the way is not true but can be dreamt of. 

    Being an air hostess help you satisfy that travel enthusiast in you and you get a very remarkable salary which is just a win win situation. Most of the esteemed air lines allows you to travel the world and that too for free. What else does anyone needs in a job.

  4. May International and domestic airlines provides their air hostesses and cabin crew members  a stay in a luxurious hotels that too for free. Nice rooms, VIP treatment, 5 star food, stress relieving comfort, what else can you wish for after a tiring day. Your dream of staying in a luxurious hotel like Taj or Marriot that too with all the necessities at your footstep and  without any cost is going to come true with this job.

  5. The fact that air lines only hires beautiful girls for their aviation courses might be a myth but they sure do not allow them to look bad. Their personality and work ethics define the airlines in many ways, so they have to stay fit in every aspect. 

    Weight gaining is almost not tolerable in the airlines, which is a good way of ensuring that you remain fit and exercise and eat properly so that your personality pleases everybody.

  6. Being an air hostess, you are awarded with majority of work days that are rather fun than boring. You get to meet new people daily and learn about their cultures and lifestyles. You get an insight into their backgrounds and learn which famous places are there in their city to look out for.

    Cabin crews parties are organised on regular basis and you get to attend them which serves you with a stress free and relaxing touring and work.

  7. Being an air hostess allows you to meet various high profile people from different professions that actually make a difference in this world. Dealing with them allows you to make industry specific contacts that is bound to give your career a much awaited boost.

    Who knows that you might meet an ambassador of an international flight and you are offered employment due to your courteous behavior, one can sure dream of it.

  8. Good salary is the most important factor considering every job and the air hostess job pays you very well, this is a known fact. Every domestic or international airline have  a high pay scale for giving to their employees for their tremendous work and efforts in dealing with people non stop without any complaints. 

    The job provide you an unpredictable lifestyle in every single aspect be it in comfort, salary or lifestyle. This job is just a dream job for majority of the girls.

  9. Teaching first aid is one of the main focus of the aviation courses which comes in handy now or then. You are made to learn the basic steps of treating someone medically and providing them with best first aid you can get in case of any emergency. You are even taught with the basics of delivering a baby mid air which no doubt is something totally out of the charts.

  10. Being an air hostess puts you on an advantage of bragging that you have an easy job and it actually is. All you have to do is be polite, make people follow some rules and serve them food. 

    Despite of being on your foot for many hours, you are blessed with ample free time which you can utilize anywhere. You do not have to compare your job with a boring 9 to 5 job that makes you sit on a computer the whole day.

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10 Reasons Why You Should Become An Air Hostess

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