Tips For Creating a Modelling Resume

modelling resume

Getting a modelling gig at the very first shot is not always a walk in the park. Let me tell you, getting recognized by an agency is not easy. It requires lots of efforts on your part and a little help from the good luck is always appreciated. Well, for your utmost convenience, we have sorted out some of the amazing tips for creating a modelling resume that will make you stand out from the rest.

What does an agency sees in you when they hire you? You get a call from an agency if they think you have what it got to be a model and this is only possible if you have a modelling resume that makes you stand out among the hoards of struggles.

Your resume plays the most important role in your gig hunting quiver. There is no standardized format for making a modelling resume, it just needs to be eye catching with everything in detail.

You get selected for the gig not only with your visual portfolio but also with your resume that clearly defines that you have actually got what it takes to be the one thus, creating a modelling resume is a must to get ahead in the game.

A well written resume clearly defines your previous work experience and serves as the selection gauge which sets it apart from the visual modelling portfolio. It tells them about your work history which is the main aspect of selection.

Here are some tips for creating a modelling resume that is worth selecting:

  1. 1 Header

    The first and foremost thing to keep in mind while creating a modelling resume is to start with an appropriate header that states your name and contact. Below the bold and large name, write your body and age statistics with your contact number. Email id or the address of the representation you work with.

  2. While creating a modelling resume, its body should be clearly organised by dividing your selected work history into basic categories, including print, runway, digital, spokes modelling work, and promotional or event staff. You need to focus on the categories that are your plus points, things that set you apart. Under each header heading, give the name of tagency you worked with and your role.

  3. If you wish to get your resume shortlisted, go with a minimalist professional look. Use a simple font throughout with underlined headers that are your key points.
    Keep your resume consigned. Agencies have so many to look at, they do not have much time to go through several pages, so it’s better to keep it small and up to date. Keeping your resume up-to-date with your best and most recent projects rather than older gigs helps achieve this.

    Other important tips while creating a modelling resume-

    • Create a copy or a template of your resume so that it is easy to update once you get new qualifications or gigs. Export your digital resume in a PDF format for easy portability and consistent formatting across various operating systems.
    • Do list the training and the address of the institute or school you received the training from, if any. 
    • You can also include a small headshot if you have got ample space at the borders.

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Tips For Creating a Modelling Resume

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