Top 5 Coworking Spaces Offering Customized Workspace for Millennials

top 5 coworking spaces offering customized workspace for millennials

Coworking spaces can be exceptionally dynamic and cost-efficient for all the companies who are looking to grow and flourish. The office space in coworking is shared by individuals working independently and collaboratively, which offer functionality as well as flexibility for work. This very concept of co-working spaces lets you rent out space for reasonable prices at best locations. In this blog post, we will effectively enlighten you on top 5 coworking spaces offering customized workspace for millennials.

Coworking spaces are best when a new startup wishes to grow their work, revenue as well as employees. Such spaces cancel out the most considerable point while expanding a business which is expenses. A dream company can be certainly achieved through such spaces alongside cooperative workers who strive to get work done. Millennials are strong and independent individuals who enjoy flexibility and vibrancy in their work. This brand new definition of work is the new favourite of millennials.

Here is our revised list of top 5 coworking spaces offering customized workspace for millennials :

1. Smartworks

Smartworks has entered the industry to break all glass doors as they believe in creating a niche in work without losing touch of the rest. With Founder Neetish Sarda’s and Co-Founder Harsh Binani’s extensive experience the company is reaching to the peak with their customized designs, self-motivated spaces, ergonomic furnishing, beautifully equipped conference rooms and ultra-modern cafeterias that completely revitalizes the complete work atmosphere.
Smartworks is known for creating custom-make spaces which are future ready, fully serviced, and technology-driven that meet the expectation of the company and the employees. Smartworks offer customized workspaces, internet connection, cafeterias and many more for a fully productive and vibrant experience.
Their spaces are spread across Noida, Delhi, Gurugram, Bangalore, Mumbai, Pune and Kolkata. This constructive fully-serviced modern offices spaces, shared offices and virtual offices are available for any type of company.

2. The Playce

This Mumbai based Coworking space has a dedicated team who offers an ample number of services such as- spacious workplace, gaming zone, conference and seminar halls, Wifi-connectivity, team desk, private cabin and comfortable furnishing. The Playce is an affordable and convenient space leading to a rewarding ambience. India’s first official Quora meetup was held in The Playce. With 5000 sq.ft of space, The Playce is able to offer a spacious coworking space with shared Plug and Play shared working stations. It is one of the top 5 coworking spaces offering customized workspace for millennials that we recommend when it comes to easy accommodation.
The Playce has ranged its starting price for a single day cost at INR 499 and monthly subscription at INR 6500. Flexi Desk for the commitment-phobics starts at INR 2,750 and dedicated workspaces for individuals willing to work solely starts at INR 7,150 per month.

3. The Hive

The Hive provides quite a number of offers but the most interesting one is that it is pet-friendly. Apart from this, The Hive offers amazing, mouth-watering food delicacy. Space is located at a beautiful place ‘Chuim Village’. Apart from being in Mumbai, The Hive also has its spaces in Bengaluru and Chennai. Space is a casual one but it offers a blend of services such as seminars, conferences and, workshops. The Hive is equipped with world-class amenities to incorporate- Fitness centre, a Rooftop swimming pool, and Beer on Tap. The Hive lands on the list of the top 5 coworking spaces offering customized workspace for millennials considering its modern architecture and per day passes.

A day at this space would cost about 600 and a monthly subscription would peak at about 12000.

4. 91 Springboard

This space located in Delhi is the oldest sharing working joint. Hence this place has two affiliates- One at Mathura Road, 91, Springboard Delhi, whereas the other one is at Sector 18, Gurgaon. In services they incorporate – CCTV cameras, projectors, locker facilities, key headlights and a lot more basic office amenities. 91 Springboard has a 10,000 sq. ft working space which makes it an ideal choice for many startups.

The price of renting this place out for a day is at INR 549. For part-time professionals, the price is INR 4,999, for full-time professionals INR 7,999 and resident members need to pay INR 10,999.

5.The Mesh

The Mesh believes in thriving beyond the cubicle and it is their promise to fuel success. Their mission is to encourage and inspire growth through creative spaces which is work friendly and fun. The 2014 established space provides flexibility and a startup-friendly atmosphere. They have exclusive spaces, housekeeping, managed reception, IT support, biometric, administrative services and meeting rooms. Additional facilities cover CCTV, Beer on Tap, Day Care, Cafeteria, Gym and Courier services. This Pune based space has special packages for women and people working after 7 PM. The mesh lands itself on our priority list of top 5 coworking spaces offering customized workspace for millennials due to every perfect facility offered just like a traditional workplace.

Individual coworking starts at INR 6500, women coworking at INR 5000, and INR 4000 for individuals who work after 7 PM.

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Top 5 Coworking Spaces Offering Customized Workspace for Millennials

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