5 Reasons to Buy Hero Glamour 125

Hero Glamour 125

Hero Glamour is one among the top-selling products of last fiscal. The popularity of the new Glamour is justified through class-leading performance, all-new design and use of much premium equipment than their earlier version.

If you are looking for a 125cc motorcycle in India, here are 5 reasons to buy the new Hero Glamour.

1. Muscular Stance
Buying the new Glamour offers you a chance to leave commuter-centric design behind and move into a new dimension defined by muscle. The fuel tank carries smart shrouds and more than that, one can feel the design flowing in perfect proportions till the end. It comes with stylish alloy wheel design and perfectly raised rear seat.

2.  Optional Fuel Injection
Those looking for even more refined Glamour can consider fuel injected variant that is available with added features like real-time mileage indicator, auto power cut in case of sudden drop and all-weather one touch start.

3. Stylish LED Taillight
The available design of tail light is class leading as one get dynamic LED lights that look awesome in dark conditions. This feature is actually missing from most motorcycles and pattern showed here resembles two sharp horns with LED tail light in the middle. Next bike to showcase such feature is Apache RR 310.

4.  Powerful Engine with Impressive Mileage
Glamour uses a 124.7cc, single cylinder engine producing 11.4 BHP at 7500 rpm and 11 Nm at 6500 rpm. As it weighs 126 kg, the rider will experience impressive pulling power in all traffic conditions. The 11-litre fuel tank can guarantee 600 km+ of range in highway riding conditions.

5.  Premium Commuter Equipment
Hero Glamour comes with front 240mm optional disc brake, 90/90-18 rear tubeless tyre, LED tail light, electric start, sporty alloy wheels and rear tyre hugger for premium styling and added rider comfort. The range starts from INR 59,946 (ex-showroom).

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5 Reasons to Buy Hero Glamour 125

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